Alone, you may implement some of the pieces. But with the unconditional support of a strong mentor, your rate of implementation increases exponentially.

Consistent support = faster results.
Working together, I’ll provide solid strategy to increase your reach and revenue, help you avoid mistakes, save precious time, and create new opportunities; sometimes give you a (loving) kick in the pants, and pull you forward towards success in ways you couldn’t have imagined before.

Why Work With Christine?

  • Over 8+ years, I’ve helped grow and scale countless businesses to six figures, multiple six figures, and beyond. (Check out the testimonials on this site.)
  • My unique blend of scalable marketing strategies and mindset coaching helps you increase your income by working less, while getting you out of your own way.
  • I have a knack for quickly seeing solutions for you in my mind, visualizing possibilities, and conceptualizing what could be. (Plus, I have a gift for breaking down techie concepts into easy-to-understand language.)
  • You’ll get support, guidance, and accountability in spades… so you won’t have to feel isolated and adrift.
  • It’s truly my life’s work and my unique ability to guide you to a profitable, leveraged, and rewarding business that feeds your soul and impacts the world.

Here’s how we can start creating some magic…

The Impact Academy

Group support and private mentoring: A Business School unlike any other

VIP Coaching Days

A half or full day of private coaching with Christine in a structured environment

Get Clients Online

A real world, step-by-step system for how to consistently bring in clients and customers online

“Before I joined the Impact Academy Growth Tier I was working too much IN my business instead of on it. I was caught up in the minutiae.

I’ve been blown out of the water at how much Christine and the Impact Academy have been able to deliver to us. When I first heard about the program I realized that this was exactly what I needed: the plan, the steps, the strategy, the accountability.

In just a short time I began seeing a definite difference in the way I was able to prioritize marketing my own business. I’m no longer caught up in all the minutiae! Christine and her team have been amazing to work with and I’ve found that the accountability factor of being part of the Impact Academy has been incredible in moving my business forward.”

Robin Dann
Studio G Creative Design

“Prior to joining the IMPACT Academy, I was just going through the motions.

Once I joined the IMPACT Academy, Christine and my fellow IMPACT members kept me accountable. This ultimately brought me new, ideal clients and my income became consistent. I won the Business on The Rise Award from Stiletto Women in Business and after joining IMPACT, I quickly made my investment back plus much more.

My advice for those thinking of working with Christine is to Just DO IT! IMPACT has given me a safe space to grow and evolve into my new brand, Simply Kyna B.”

Kyna Baker
Simply Kyna B.

“Before the Impact Academy, I was stuck in perfectionism, afraid to put myself out there. Now, I’ve been given the tools and action steps to propel me forward outside of my comfort zone. I’ve blossomed under Christine’s wing and with the support of the amazing community she’s created!

After having a hot seat coaching session with Christine at our retreat, I took a huge step and created a Facebook group so that I can be of service to the peeps I’m called to serve! I would have never been brave enough to do this without being given the action step and the deadline.

If you’re excited about the Impact Academy and your gut is telling you to ‘go for it’ but you also feel a little scared and out of your element, then GO FOR IT! You absolutely won’t regret it! If it weren’t for Christine, I’d still be stuck way back in perfectionism land!”

Patti Lynn Soroka
Patti Lynn Wellness

“I have worked with Christine for over two years as a participant in her programs and then as a coaching client in the Expansion Tier of the Impact Academy. She has helped both me personally and my business grow in ways I never would have thought.

She has encouraged me and given me the tools to ‘Think Big.’ It is so easy to spend a lot of time and energy working on activities that do not bring rewards or are not aligned with goals.

Christine has helped me to focus on being so much better and determined to go after the success and work that I am supposed to do. She is all about serving our clients – which is an incredibly important shift that allows us to open up and be creative and think much more broadly. I started a whole new business and am increasingly more successful each year.

Marybeth Gregg
The International Center for Women on Purpose

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