I became painfully aware last year that I needed to get my juices flowing. I needed fresh perspectives. To gain more knowledge and see beyond the myths that we sometimes all take on.

I’ve completed my first book of the new year, and that’s exactly what my video for you is focused on this week.

I’m sharing my three biggest takeaways from the book I chose, and how they relate to YOU.


Some eye-opening gems that I think you’ll really like.

I’m paying forward the knowledge! I also plan to do that in a MUCH bigger way this year too.

So, I have made a renewed commitment to reading A LOT more. I really slacked off for a long time. It’s a HUGE key to SUCCESS.

10 pages per day minimum makes it feel do-able to me!

In the comments, please share what YOU’RE reading with me! I’d love to hear because I am always looking for more great recommendations.

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