Dear Entrepreneur…

What if I told you that there was an automated way to consistently bring in new clients like clockwork… get as many discovery calls as you wanted on your calendar… help many, many more people… and that you could do it month in and month out, without all the hustle and grind?

This isn’t some fantasy. This is what the most successful entrepreneurs out there are using to create consistent cash flow and automate their flow of leads and clients.

What is it? WEBINARS, of course!

You may have been wanting to take the plunge into doing them yourself. Or, you may have done one – or a few – and seen dismal and disappointing results, leaving you feeling somehow “not enough…” or like there is some big secret others know and you don’t. More often than not, I see business owners failing to get results with their webinars, or so confused and overwhelmed with how to actually DO a webinar, that they never even try.

The problem is threefold:

  • #1: Not knowing how to create and launch webinars, because you are getting tripped up on the strategy and the technology behind webinars;
  • #2: Not knowing how to make your webinars convert, because you may already be doing webinars, but aren’t seeing results from them; and
  • #3: Not knowing how to get a consistent flow of sales calls onto your calendar in an automated way, because sales calls lead to high end clients, and you certainly haven’t been getting near enough of those!

I’ve been doing my own webinars successfully since 2009, and have taught countless clients to do the same. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of income in my business can be directly tied to doing webinars.

In fact, at this point in my business I’m automating webinars and generating consistent cash flow without having to do all that much, because I have automated webinars that are selling into paid offers, as well as automated webinars driving people to phone calls.

In just the last 10 months, I’ve had nearly 200 people apply for a discovery session with me as a part of this system.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to enjoy that in your own business?

This. Changes. EVERYTHING.

It’s why I strongly recommend that all entrepreneurs incorporate at least one solid webinar funnel in their business.

And that is why I’m inviting you to get FIRST DIBS on my…

This is not “just another course” you have to DIY… or end up doing nothing with. This workshop is very hands on and action oriented, so that you can actually get your webinar completed! If you’re ready to:

  • Get Discovery Calls on your calendar to move prospects into paid offers
  • Effortlessly bring in new leads, clients, and sales every single month
  • Add scalability to your business so you can enjoy more income without lifting a finger

… then the “She’s Got Clients: With Webinars!” Implementation Workshop is for you. The details at a glance:

 Discover How To Create An Automated Webinar Marketing System To Consistently Generate Leads for Just $497 Today 

DANG! Only $497? Yep!

To receive a group VIP Day PLUS Done For You Services PLUS Templates would usually cost you around $10,000 (I’m not kidding!)

Think About it…

You would only need ONE client to fully pay for your investment in the Workshop! (Though you’ll surely get more!)

To get going creating your automated marketing system that keeps your pipeline filled with leads without any hustle or grind, be sure to click the button on this page to grab your spot.

If you’re ready to make more money with less effort, then I highly recommend then you get on this opportunity NOW! 

Check out everything you get below…

This workshop is very hands on and action oriented, so that you can actually get your webinar completed! This is not a DIY training where you have to watch it, and then go out and figure it out on your own. I’ll be walking you through my system of the 4 necessary steps before your webinar goes live, and then the 2 necessary steps after your webinar is live.

Whether you’re a newbie business owner, needing to get cash flow in the door right now, or looking to SCALE up your business, this one automated marketing system will give you what you need to get phone calls on your calendar consistently, so that prospects convert into paying clients like clockwork. This is how I’ve been selling VIP Days, spots in my group coaching programs, and more… automatically… without the hustle and grind.

How you present the content and the offer on your webinar is crucial to your success. I’ll be training you on my top presentation tips to make sure your webinar is a home run. This includes how to keep your audience engaged, how to speak to their fears, how to incorporate your “expert story,” how to make your offer, how to answer objections, and much more.

Yes, we will actually create your slides for you! You will fill out a form on my website and my graphic designers will make you rinse and repeatable slide templates that you can use over and over and over again. Never worry about having to create a slide deck from scratch again. We’ll also make sure your deck includes all of the most important pieces to rock your content and offer. I’m excited to bonus in this valuable done-for-you component!

Ahhh, automation. It’s a beautiful thing! Once you’ve got your webinar converting, it’s time to automate it. I’ll teach you how to track your webinar numbers, and then test and tweak them to increase your results. Then, I’ll show you how to set it up to be automated. Once that happens, you’ll be able to bring in consistent, automatic prospects, subscribers, phone calls, sales and clients on autopilot! Seamlessly bringing in new leads every single month – what would that be worth to you?!

I won’t just be sending you on your way after the workshop to go figure things out on your own. That’s not how I roll! In our private Facebook community, myself and the group will be there to bounce ideas off of, answer your questions, and give you important feedback. Plus, you’ll get connected to other awesome business owners who are working toward the same webinar goals you are! I’ve found this type of tight-knit community to be invaluable to success. We’re in it to win it – together!

 Webinar Implementation Workshop Students Say… 

“Christine Walks You Through the Entire Process and She Makes it All Super Easy to Do.”

“I do a lot of webinars. So signing up for Christine’s Webinar Workshop didn’t seem like a good fit for me. However, Christine thought I might get a lot of value out of it, so I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did!

While I knew very well how to create and set up educational webinars, I didn’t have a good structure to use webinars to make sales. I now have the complete system for creating webinars that make money AND create a ton of value. Christine helped me fine tune my webinar title (so important to getting people interested in attending), she laid out the proper structure for a webinar to make sales, and I even learned a few new tech tricks that have helped me increase my opt-in rate! I also really benefited from the live, interactive one-day workshop format that gave me the opportunity to deep dive into the topic and get it done in one day.

Christine even answered questions after the workshop to make sure everyone had what they needed. I also really appreciate that her team is creating the webinar slides for me. That benefit alone paid for the cost of the workshop because now I don’t have to pay a designer to create them! If you’re thinking about adding webinars to your marketing mix you should absolutely join Christine’s Webinar Workshop. She walks you through the entire process from setting up the technology to making the sale and she makes it all super easy to do.”

Terri Brown

 “Now I Have This to Use in My Business as an Evergreen Tool to Create New Revenue.”

“Before I signed up for the Webinar Implementation Workshop I was hesitant about spending more money on something else that I won’t use! Also wasn’t sure it would work in a virtual environment. Christine explained everything plainly and without jargon and my tech fears went away!

The group was so friendly and everyone was chipping in helping everyone else. I also love the fact that there was a replay and you know you can go back and revisit things you’re not sure of. I feel confident that my webinar content will be excellent and with Christine’s invaluable help, convert new clients on a continuous basis.

I would recommend this Workshop to others absolutely without hesitation. It was great value for the money to get to spend this time with Christine and brainstorm with the other ladies. The fact that the slides are done for you is a huge benefit so you get professional slides and a webinar you can use over and over again. Now I know that I can really do this and I can have this to use in my business as an evergreen tool to create new revenue.”

Angela Caine

“The Amount and Quality of Resources Provided in the Portal ALONE Was a Tremendous Value.”

“As a solopreneur, there are a lot of demands on your time—it’s the resource I find to be most limited. So when the opportunity to take part in the Webinar Workshop came along, I really debated whether I had a whole day to dedicate to it. But I had come to trust Christine as someone who not only has knowledge and insight, but also a genuine desire to see people succeed in doing what they love.

I jumped in, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. As a former educator, I understood as soon as I logged in to the portal for the workshop how much work had gone into preparing a comprehensive experience for us. The amount and quality of resources provided in the portal alone was a tremendous value, and when the workshop started the value continued to build. Christine struck a great balance between maintaining the flow of the training and tailoring it to the needs of each participant, answering questions as they arose, and adapting the pace to clarify more where we needed it most. Her depth of knowledge and ability to communicate it effectively to people with varying degrees of familiarity with the subject made the workshop as engaging as it was informative.

I would definitely recommend the Webinar Workshop to anyone interested in learning how to successfully create and run a webinar. You won’t find a more skilled or caring guide than Christine, and you’ll walk away with a wealth of knowledge you can implement in your life and business.”

Marissa Polselli

“I Wish I Had This Great Information Sooner!”

“Christine did such a fabulous job with the Webinar Implementation Workshop. It was amazing.

It was so clear, and concise – she really needs to charge a lot more money for it! It was so good, and now I just wish I had this great information sooner – I would have solved a lot of problems creating my LeadPages!”

Erica Meloe

A Recap of the DELIVERABLES You’ll Receive in the Webinar Implementation Workshop:

A killer webinar title, topic, headline, and outline for your content (I coach everyone on this individually LIVE on the webinar!)

All of the tech you need, including how to set up the webinar itself, getting your landing page up, and how to test and track your numbers

My templates for my high-converting auto-responders to generate sales and phone calls in your webinar follow up

A live training on how to present in your webinar to make sure you rock this automated marketing system

A training on how to automate your webinar

Guidance on how to pick the day and time of the webinar

Done For You webinar slide design (my design team will take the outline we create together to design your slides)

Access to me in a private Facebook Group for follow up support as you take your webinar system live

The overall strategy for marketing and presenting your webinar

Swipe copy for your webinar (show up sequence, follow up sequence, landing page copy and what each slide should cover)

2 workbooks (one we will work through the day of, and one to help you come up with the content for your slides)

LOTS of time for Q&A

Basically, you are going to leave with your webinar in hand or close to finished. ALL with the goal to have you bringing in prospects, phone calls, and paying clients consistently every month. Oh YEAH!

Why Learn From Me?

You should know that I walk my talk!

I may be a little bit ahead of you on the path, but once upon a time I was where YOU are. I’ve got many, many lessons to share – pitfalls, traps, mistakes, best practices – so that you can avoid the long (and often painful) lessons and learning curves I had to overcome to get here!

11169922_10153811499709046_9137316103449387177_nI’m a speaker, trainer, bestselling author and award-winning business coach, and I founded ShesGotClients.com in 2009, a company dedicated to teaching women around the globe how to find more meaning, fulfillment and purpose in their life through the power of entrepreneurship.

After applying my proven marketing methods, my students and clients typically experience a significant increase in subscribers, clients, sales and lucrative joint venture opportunities.

The Huffington Post declared me to be one of “16 Brilliant Business Minds on Twitter,” I’ve won the Bronze Stevie Award for “Business Mentor/Coach of the Year” for 2014, and I’m an Amazon bestselling author.

I’ve launched and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products and programs online (the majority through WEBINARS!), and coached and trained hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world, including France, Australia, New Zealand, England, and the Philippines. My own highly successful live workshops attract stellar entrepreneurs from all over the U.S., the UK, the Middle East, and Canada.

22423_10153811500969046_3240786878874116359_nI’m also an in-demand speaker, sharing the stage with such luminaries as Daymond John and Laura Berman Fortgang, and have been featured as a online marketing and social media expert in numerous publications such as We Magazine For Women, NewsDay, BlogHer, The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, and many more. Additionally, I’ve been interviewed on dozens of radio shows, telesummits, panels, and webinars.

I share all this to show you that not only have I got the skills, experience, and track record of results to help you not only rock your webinars – but that the way that I’ve been able to create success for myself is tied directly to using WEBINARS to grow my reach, credibility and revenues..

I started from zero, just like you, and can tell you it’s a beautiful feeling to make a great living doing what you love, on your OWN terms.

You May Have Seen Me in…

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Clients and Students Say…


“So Many Useful Slides, Plug and Play Templates and BRAINSTORMING… To Walk Away With the Job Done is OUTSTANDING!”

“My biggest hesitation about joining the Webinar Implementation Workshop was that I have such limited, if not any, tech skills. Christine simplified it ALL!

She is so organized, we were provided great tools and resources and the slides were outstanding – all in one DAY! Christine had so many useful slides, plug and play templates and the BRAINSTORMING session was the best! Also, giving us individual time to discuss out loud our headlines was so valuable! To walk away with the job done is OUTSTANDING!

Christine eliminated my fear concerning the tech stuff. She provided valuable resources, was very organized and saved us hours. I would definitely recommend this Webinar Workshop to others – I have already – because you get so much: templates, free coaching/brainstorming, details, help in making the slides. It’s a great value for the price.

Carmela Schiano

“It’s a Turnkey Solution.”

“Many webinars just skim the topic and are simply just another upsell; others are too technical (which I am not) and I was really look to create the webinar and hesitated could we do that online.

However, Christine was very organized and really knows her topics so the pace was right, and more importantly the application was built in – even using her team to create our slides!! That’s an amazing offer.

I would definitely recommend the Webinar Implementation Workshop to anyone who is interested in understanding how to build a webinar from content to technology to creation – it’s a turnkey solution. I’ve taken other courses from Christine and she’s the real deal – committed to offering value and wants for your success – she walks the talk!”

Janet Wise

“Wow – Just the Done For You Slides Alone Could be Worth More Than the Entire Full Day Class.”

“When I first saw Christine’s email about the class, I quickly realized I need to respond to this offer immediately. She was including professionally made slides in the price – wow – just the slides alone could be more than the entire full day class. So I registered and Christine did not disappoint.

I found her to be very caring about each of the participants and made sure they got all the concepts and all questions were answered. Her presentation was orderly, specific, understandable and covered everything you need to know about writing a webinar and then presenting it. Her graphic design team were a pleasure to work with, they did not hesitate, question or complain about any revisions. They just got the job done…and what a job it was.

I left that class with professionally designed PowerPoint graphic slides that I use for my webinar presentations and a complete understanding of what goes into a presentation. And as if that wasn’t enough, Christine went one step further and wanted to see your completed written webinar so to ensure you write it correctly and you were on the right track. So I highly recommend this class. I got a lot value from it and would take it again.”

Vesna Marie

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure I get the bonuses?

As long as you register you will get all of the bonuses!

Is this for me if I'm more advanced in my business?
Yes, because I work with 2 separate niches – newer entrepreneurs, and those already at the 6-figure level and beyond. If you have enough clients and customers but are very short on time, then this customized program will help you leverage, systematize and automate your business so that you multiply your income with more free time for you — regardless of the type of business you have.
What is the investment?

The investment for everything you get in the Webinar Workshop is just $497.

How long is the workshop and how will it be held?

The workshop will be a total of 8 hours, with a break for lunch and several “brain” and implementation breaks in between. We’ll be meeting via Zoom so we can all see each other’s faces on the screen, as well as my desktop as I teach!

I'm newer in business (or have a very tiny list). Is this workshop right for me?

That’s the perfect time to start! The clarity, strategy, and confidence you’ll receive on how to launch and profit from your own webinars will provide an amazing foundation for you. I’ve even taught this system to new business owners with list sizes of under 30 people – and they still made money. In fact, I’ll be teaching you how you can generate income with your webinar even if you have a very small audience attending. (Although, you’ll learn how to promote your webinar so you get as many people as you’d like to attend!)

I'm not sure this is the right time for me. Will you be doing this later?

I may offer it in the future, however it will likely not be until 2021.

I have a question I don't see listed here. How can I get it answered?

No problem. We are happy to help with any of your questions, so please send me an email at ceocg@shesgotclients.com and I’ll respond right away. Or, feel free to call us at 856.672.4375. We want to make sure this is right for you.

My Guarantee

100-satisfaction-guarantee_largeMy intention is to make the Webinar Implementation Workshop a no brainer to say yes to! Because of that, if you find that for some reason the workshop didn’t live up to what was promised, then I will give you a credit to use for another program or event (good for up to 12 months from purchase). You can even keep the bonuses.

I’m excited to share this experience with you! Know that it is very important to me to maintain an environment with a very high standard of encouragement, positivity, and inspired, action-oriented learning. Can’t wait!

Let’s Do This!


Rest assured this transaction is 100% secure and after we receive your information, you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes.

It’s time to learn the secret to consistently bringing in new clients every single month in an automated way, for more income and freedom.

What would that be worth to your business?

I’m game. Are YOU?

Let’s DO THIS!

With Love,


P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at ceocg@shesgotclients.com and I’ll be happy to help.

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