VIP Day Client Success Stories and Results

“During our VIP Day and follow-up calls, Christine really listened to our ideas and helped us identify an exciting, fresh way to build on our 15 successful years in business. She expertly guided and supported us through important organizing and structuring discussions to get to the heart of an online service delivery plan that can work with nonprofit organizations and their leaders.  

In between calls, our team read and discussed Christine’s book There’s More to Life Than This. With each chapter we asked what can we apply to our business and we strengthened our team as we learned together.

Thank you Christine! Working with you has been well worth the investment!

Denice Hinden
Managance Coaching and Consulting

“Speaking with Christine over the phone or even via Skype or Facetime is one thing, having an in person VIP day is a completely different ball game.

Having focused, continuous and in person ‘me’ time for 6 hours is immeasurable. I believe that seeing someone face to face adds to the value of the experience, not only because you get a ton more done but you develop a sense of trust and a bond that only develops when you work with someone in person.

You have so many more tools at your disposal with an in person experience. Christine had done a lot of preparation for my VIP day and it translated it me getting more done with less effort. Who wouldn’t want that?

Who doesn’t want VIP one-on-one attention? Not only do you leave her VIP days with a sound plan for moving your business forward, you leave with a belief that ‘all is possible.’ I’ll take that over and over.”

Erica Meloe
Erica Meloe Physical Therapy

“Before I had my VIP Day with Christine, I had a solid healing and coaching practice that was 100% referral-based. I was grateful, but growth was slowing down.

During our VIP Day we got through everything that had me stuck. Christine instantly understood my business and what I needed to do on both the big-picture and strategy levels. And, she had the patience to stick with me as we got down into the tactical details and crafting just the right language.

Her amazing combination of vision, practicality and tenacity helped me to make more progress in a day than I’d been able to do in a couple of years! Christine has a fantastic way of being your biggest cheerleader and a loving butt-kicker at the same time. It’s just what I needed.”

Katherine Krupka
Energy Coach and Wellness Consultant

“When signing up for a VIP day, my biggest hesitation was the financial commitment. I have a brand new business so spending that kind of money seemed crazy, but with limited child care and limited time to work, getting straight down to work on what matters was important.

In the VIP Day, I loved that Christine helped me narrow down my target client. A year later, when making decisions and developing new content, I still go back to who that person is. While she’s evolved a bit over the year, the exercise of defining her and how my business can solve her needs has been a game changer.

In the end, the VIP Day really kicked off my business. As an “obliger” (for Gretchen Rubin fans), having a 90 day plan and knowing the Christine was going to be checking in gave me the kick I needed to do things outside my comfort zone. And that’s where the good stuff happens.”

Beth Martin
Small Bites Wellness

Christine my VIP day yesterday was a dream come true for me. I felt so supported, encouraged and inspired. You have a warm, gentle way about you that is very comforting. After all that I’ve been through that’s exactly what I need in a coach.

I couldn’t imagine setting up my JV Network and my first 2 day live event without you. After all of the considerations, I couldn’t be more grateful that I chose you as my coach & mentor and as my container for expansion. It’s getting exciting. Woo Hoo!”

Carmen Abercrombie
Sharing the Bliss

“I had a fabulous VIP Day with Christine. We worked on my Unique Selling Proposition, tweaked my elevator pitch, worked on my signature system and freebie, brainstormed additional freebies and product line spinoffs, and more.

I am so excited that I have such an amazing expert mentoring me as I expand my empire!

Jo Colontonio
Inspired Success Center

“I wanted to tell you right away how wonderful the VIP Day with you was. We loved the depth of material you presented and the organization of it as well.

We are starting right away to implement changes to our social media, and we are thrilled with our beginning and have plans to continue to use you for our business.

Feel free to use our names as references and testimonials to your service. We liked the face to face format and felt it helped develop a relationship with you. Thank you so much for a wonderful day.”

Cliff Martin & Tim Currie
Wow Records

“My VIP Day with Christine was nothing short of phenomenal! She did some first class myth busting that completely changed my focus for generating revenue and then helped me create a plan for how to implement the ideas that resulted from it.

She helped me evaluate my present list-building and marketing efforts and showed me what to keep and what to change to increase their effectiveness.

Best of all, she reassured me that I have a lot of great things already in place and that what I need most is to create a cohesive and comprehensive road map to pull them together for maximum benefit. The fog has lifted and I can finally see a clear path ahead!”

Monique Wells
Making Productivity Easy

“Wow, that was a great VIP day experience! Challenging, revealing, strategic, hopeful. Great patterns for future success. And specific actions that are customized for me and what I need now.

Thank you for your insight, and experience to help me see and move in the right direction.”

Kenton Oakes
CMF Delivery

“My VIP Day with Christine illuminated a transitional process to achieve a lifelong ambition. She formulated the leap from owning a service business for over 20 years onto a sound platform in the product and service industry.

What had become functional chaos in my life and business is now back on track. I walked away from our session refreshed and excited. I am currently creating the business model, logo and website. The next stage will also involve Christine’s expertise in social media marketing. I look forward to extending my reach while leveraging my time and skills to accomplish my goals sooner.”

Mary Kearney
Cleanscapes Cleaning Services

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