During our VIP Day together, we’ll take an in-depth look at the current state of your business and map out a detailed strategy and plan for creating the success you want moving forward. We’ll pinpoint where your strengths are and where you need to shift your thinking or your ‘doing’ to get the very best results in your business and your life.

You’ll leave our powerful day together with a clear sense of purpose and clarity around your message and your market, and a physical roadmap of your next steps.

Scheduling a VIP Day with Christine is easy!

Step 1:
Choose Which VIP Day “Flavor” Best Fits You:

Create Your Breakthrough VIP Day: You’re getting clients and making sales, but you know it’s time to kick it up a notch. We’ll design your blueprint for taking your business beyond the 6-figure mark in the next 12 months, including adding other streams of income, raising your rates, increasing your list numbers and bringing on help.

Make Your Leap VIP Day: You’re growing consistently, but it’s time for more leverage, delegation and systemization. We’ll craft a plan that includes expanding your team, working with higher-level clientele, and bringing your message to a lot more people.

Discover Your Signature System VIP Day: You’ll learn how to create and sell your own signature system, allowing you to package your knowledge, position yourself as an expert, and add a lucrative revenue stream to your current business.

Craft Your Own Customized VIP Day: If you have a specific area in your business you would like to focus on, we can create a VIP Day around that. Examples include list-building, automating your business, sales funnels, and more.

All Live VIP Days are held just outside Philadelphia with Christine. Virtual VIP Days are typically held via Skype video.

Step 2:
Click the Let’s Chat button at the bottom of this page to schedule a brief get acquainted call with Christine to discuss your needs

“During our VIP Day and follow-up calls, Christine really listened to our ideas and helped us identify an exciting, fresh way to build on our 15 successful years in business. She expertly guided and supported us through important organizing and structuring discussions to get to the heart of an online service delivery plan that can work with nonprofit organizations and their leaders.  

In between calls, our team read and discussed Christine’s book There’s More to Life Than This. With each chapter we asked what can we apply to our business and we strengthened our team as we learned together.

Thank you Christine! Working with you has been well worth the investment!

Denice Hinden
Managance Coaching and Consulting

“Speaking with Christine over the phone or even via Skype or Facetime is one thing, having an in person VIP day is a completely different ball game.

Having focused, continuous and in person ‘me’ time for 6 hours is immeasurable. I believe that seeing someone face to face adds to the value of the experience, not only because you get a ton more done but you develop a sense of trust and a bond that only develops when you work with someone in person.

You have so many more tools at your disposal with an in person experience. Christine had done a lot of preparation for my VIP day and it translated it me getting more done with less effort. Who wouldn’t want that?

Who doesn’t want VIP one-on-one attention? Not only do you leave her VIP days with a sound plan for moving your business forward, you leave with a belief that ‘all is possible.’ I’ll take that over and over.”

Erica Meloe
Erica Meloe Physical Therapy

“Before I had my VIP Day with Christine, I had a solid healing and coaching practice that was 100% referral-based. I was grateful, but growth was slowing down.

During our VIP Day we got through everything that had me stuck. Christine instantly understood my business and what I needed to do on both the big-picture and strategy levels. And, she had the patience to stick with me as we got down into the tactical details and crafting just the right language.

Her amazing combination of vision, practicality and tenacity helped me to make more progress in a day than I’d been able to do in a couple of years! Christine has a fantastic way of being your biggest cheerleader and a loving butt-kicker at the same time. It’s just what I needed.”

Katherine Krupka
Energy Coach and Wellness Consultant

Schedule your free consultation call and find out how you can take part in VIP Days with Christine.

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