Chances are, you’ve likely experienced at least one of these things if you’ve ever tried experimenting with webinars:

• Feeling overwhelmed by the technology behind webinars

• Not knowing how to launch and effectively promote your webinar so people actually show up

• Getting tripped up on the strategy of how to run and present webinars

• Not knowing how to make your webinars convert, and therefore not getting results

• Not knowing how to get a consistent flow of sales calls onto your calendar in an automated way (and therefore losing out on high end clients)

When I first began doing webinars way back in 2009, I had the same exact fears and emotions around webinars… and there was one thing that kept me going:

I see plenty of other business owners rocking – and PROFITING – from doing webinars… and I’ll be DARNED if I don’t figure this out, too.

I’m nothing if not stubborn, Christine.

Webinars are what the most successful entrepreneurs out there are using to create consistent cash flow and automate their flow of leads and clients.

But WOW – there are A LOT of moving parts to pulling one off successfully!!

So let me ask you this…

If you knew how to launch, fill, and profit from running kick butt WEBINARS from the comfort of your own home…

…and even automate them to consistently bring in new clients like clockwork… would you do it?


• The CONFIDENCE you will create by nailing your webinar and follow-up

• The DOUBTS you will overcome by increasing your visibility

• The CREDIBILITY you will build when you secure true expert status in your niche (because, honestly, very few people do webinars right, so the ones who do… MAKE A BIG IMPACT)!

• The RAVING FANS you will create and the amount of LIVES you’ll change when you are sharing compelling, high-value content that creates a true transformation

• The KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST you will enjoy when your followers can actually connect with you personally!

• The INCOME you will be able to generate when your community easily SAYS YES to your next offer, without hesitation!

Fans, credibility, confidence, expert status, visibility and more…

… Do you want those things?

You’d be crazy not to, Christine!

It’s time you quit shrinking back, resigning yourself to staying small, spinning your wheels, wasting time, money and effort…

…and watching everyone else enjoy all the fruits of highly successful (and automated!) webinars.

#AlloftheThings can happen starting now with my:

“She’s Got Clients – With Webinars!” Implementation Workshop

This is not “just another course” you have to DIY… or end up doing nothing with.

This workshop is very hands on and action oriented, so that you can actually get your webinar completed!

And, I’m limiting it to just 8 spots so I can give lots of personalized attention to everyone.

In this immersive experience, you will get everything you need to:

• Get Discovery Calls on your calendar to move prospects into paid offers

• Effortlessly bring in new leads, clients, and sales every single month

• Add scalability to your business so you can enjoy more income without lifting a finger

The DELIVERABLES You’ll Receive in the Webinar Implementation Workshop Are:

• Access to one Full Implementation Workshop day with me, where we will nail down your high-converting webinar topic and slides (including a killer webinar title, headline, and outline for your content)

• All of the tech you need, including how to set up the webinar itself, getting your landing page up, and how to test and track your numbers

• Swipe copy for your webinar (show up sequence, follow up sequence, landing page copy and what each slide should cover)

• A live training on how to present in your webinar to make sure you rock this automated marketing system

• The overall strategy for marketing and launching your webinar

• 2 workbooks (one we will work through the day of, and one to help you come up with the content for your slides)

Plus These Special Bonuses:

• A training on how to automate your webinar

• Done For You webinar slide design (my design team will take the outline we create together to design your slides)

• Access to me in a private Facebook Group for follow up support as you take your webinar system live

• My templates for my high-converting autoresponders to generate sales and phone calls after your webinar

Click here to join “She’s Got Clients – With Webinars!™” and start leveraging webinars to increase your confidence, authority, impact, and income.

This investment will DOUBLE next time AND there are only 8 total spots available…

…so if there is even a teeny tiny bit of a desire to finally figure out webinars, hop on it right now.

I’m closing the doors to this workshop in just a few days.

Click here to join “She’s Got Clients – With Webinars!™” and receive all of the juicy bonuses.

Are you thinking: “OK Christine, what’s this going to cost me?”

To be perfectly honest, I’ve spent thousands (upon thousands) of dollars on training, coaching, and researching how to perfect the automated webinar formula… not to mention tons of time testing, tweaking and practicing…

…so this is worth wayyyy more than I’m charging for it.

But because this is an experience I KNOW will amp up your business in a big way, I wanted to make it super accessible.

That’s why it’s at a very affordable price of $497.

And if you want to protect your cash flow, we’re also offering a 3-payment option.

Click here to learn the secret to consistently bringing in new clients every single month in an automated way, for more income and freedom.

What would that be worth to your business?

I’m game. Are YOU?

Let’s DO THIS!

If you have any questions at all, just hit reply and let me know.

Or, if you’ve decided to jump on board, then congrats and I’ll see you in the workshop!

P.S. When does the workshop occur? (You may be concerned you may not be available when it happens.) No worries, because the group going through the workshop is so small and intimate, I will be polling everyone who signs up in order to find a date that works for everyone. (One of the perks of keeping the size limited!)

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