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At my annual 3-day workshop where I teach marketing, I include a session called “Building Your Email Subscriber List With Hustle and Heart.”

I always emphasize in the session that the longer you wait to build your list, the more you let future dollars slip through your fingers.

The fact is, email marketing is still incredibly relevant even in the social media age. (eMarketer recently reported that 58% of people spend more time in their inbox than any other digital activity, including Facebook and texting.)

The problem for small business owners is twofold: 1) They often believe their list will somehow magically build itself; and 2) List building is far from the “glamorous stuff” of growing an online empire.

It’s a lot of work, and it’s what most people are unwilling to do. There’s no magic bullet, and being proactive is a must.

No one can do it for you.

But, the payoffs for keeping the faith are BIG. This makes it more than worth it.

In my years working with entrepreneurs around building their online presence and following, I’ve seen that there are a few common reasons why their email list may not be growing:

1. Getting started can be a mystery

There are some technical aspects to building a list, but beyond that here’s my best piece of advice for getting off the starting block: get crystal clear on your market and your message. Otherwise, how else can you a) go find your peeps; and b) entice them to join your community by offering them something that would be of high value to them?

2. Building a list can be darn intimidating

It feels SO big in the beginning, I know. There are lots of moving parts, and all you seem to hear about is how enormous everyone else’s list is. The truth is, you can make good money with a smaller list, you just need to make sure the people on it are highly targeted—i.e., they are ideal prospects who are likely to buy. Besides, even if your list is 10 people and it includes a few family members, take heart: we all started there.

3. It hasn’t taken priority in their marketing plan (it’s an afterthought)

Yes, there are many marketing activities you can focus on. If you are just getting started in business, it may make sense to put your focus on things like networking and speaking in order to pick up your first few clients. But I highly recommend giving building your list attention concurrently. You’ll get double the results.

4. There are too many other distractions

Ah, bright shiny objects. All entrepreneurs fall prey. It’s easy to put building your list on the back burner, but once I learned that a list is directly tied to creating income in my business, that motivated me to make it happen, and fast.

5. They don’t know what they don’t know

I invested in a lot of learning when I first discovered this “thing” called list building. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Whether it’s courses, a coach, rabid Google research or something else, getting educated is the first step to filling in the holes.

Remember, the amount of money you make in your business is directly related to the relationship you have with your list, and the value you provide to them.

But of course, your list won’t build itself!

Start by getting some help and creating a do-able plan where you set a goal and work backwards. Want 1000 people on your list by the end of 12 months? Great. Break it down and figure out what that means for you on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis.

It will be well worth your time and effort.

People who give up early or struggle are usually just expecting this to be easy. But not you, right? Because YOU are going to make the plan, and work the plan.

Knowledge is great, but implementation will beat “perfect” understanding every time.

So, go out there and get ‘er done. Your income depends on it.

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