Lead magnets are KEY if you want to build a list and grow your business online.

You’ll need to make yours more attractive than, “Sign up for my list for all the latest updates!” Or, “Sign up for my newsletter!”

That won’t get you very far.

You’ll want to give people something that they truly can’t resist like a free report or a video series teaching them something they’d be interested in.

Realize that your lead magnet – if you deliver on the promise of adding value to your prospect – will actually serve as a great sales tool!

Your lead magnet-if you deliver on the promise of adding value-will serve as a great sales tool Share on X

If you give someone a great experience, an a-ha moment, or help in solving a problem, they’ll follow you for a long time. Having market clarity is so key because understanding your market and what their issues are will influence the content of your lead magnet.

Your lead magnet could be one step of your proprietary system, a key point from your signature talk, or the answer to the most pressing question you get from potential clients during your discovery sessions.

But – how do you actually structure the content in your free offer? That’s what I’m teaching you in this week’s video, because there are several pieces that you DO NOT want to leave out in order to make sure your magnet works for you.

After you watch, share with me in the comments what you are using for your lead magnet, and if the structure I share in the video is helpful for you!

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