Truth: Roughly 20% of your list will become your buyers and customers. The other 80% are going to be tire kickers and freebie seekers.  Focus on Growth!
Building an email list is the start of a beautiful–and profitable–relationship with your subscribers.

Having a list allows you to move away from connecting with people just one-on-one, and leverage your time to reach more people, even on a global scale if you wish.

List building, though crucial, is not the glamorous stuff. It’s what most are unwilling to do. It’s time-consuming and the payoff is far from immediate. There’s no magic bullet, and being proactive is a must.

However, the payoffs for keeping the faith are BIG. Plus, if the work you do helps change lives and adds value, staying in touch with your list is actually a service to them.

The longer you wait to build your list, the more you let future money slip through your fingers.

And although it’s not just about the numbers (the old quality vs. quantity argument), you should always focus on growth because only a small portion of your list will ever buy.

Brutal truth.

Roughly 20% of your list will become your buyers and customers. The other 80% are going to be tire kickers and freebie seekers.

If we’re talking numbers, 1,000 subscribers is the tipping point to consistent income, with 5,000 and then 10,000 being additional milestones.

I coach my Impact Academy students that when they’re aiming to reach their first 1,000 subscribers, they should spend a minimum of one hour per day, 5 days a week engaging in list-building activities.

It’s completely worth it, because the size and quality of your list is your main measure of success besides profit.

That being said, if your list is small right now, you may feel bummed. Don’t. Be grateful for those people and treat them right.

Appreciate your list and it will grow, and don’t forget that everyone starts at zero.

And, if list building is new to you—or, you’ve been trying to build your list and it just isn’t happening–you may need a mindset shift.

Every speaking opportunity, every press opportunity, any situation you are in where you get visibility–begin looking at them as opportunities for you to build your list.

Persistence and consistency are the name of the game, like many things in business. Commit to selecting a few list-building strategies and working them religiously.

Make the plan, and then work the plan.

Your leads–AKA your listbecome your clients and customers, so the more effort you put in, the more money in your bank account.

And that makes focusing on growth well worth the work.

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