This week, your third Thursday video tip is all about 3 simple website tweaks to instantly boost your conversion rate.

What’s a conversion rate?

This rate is simply the ratio of visitors who convert casual content views or website visits into desired actions–and in this particular case, we’re talking about converting into a subscriber.

Of course, one of the biggest keys to success online is to continuously be building a targeted and responsive opt-in list. However, small business owners are often unsure where to focus their efforts–AND how to maximize the list-building they’re already doing.

Good news, because in this video I am sharing three specific changes you can make to your own site to increase your conversion rate right away.

(I’ll give you a hint: we’re talking About pages, blog postings and ninja opt-in form copy tips!)

Your to-do once you’ve watched? It’s time to get to tweaking! Where can you implement the improvements you’ve now learned about when it comes to your own website?

I’d also love to know what’s working for you in terms of list-building in your own business, or any questions you may have about it as well. Let me know in the comments!

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