We all know how wonderful social media and blogging is to get our name out there in the world…heck, I built my business that way from scratch!

But I have been noticing more and more a missing piece in a lot of business owners’ marketing strategies online…and that’s building a list!  You might know that it’s important, but do you know how to do it effectively AND inexpensively? If not, no worries, because that’s exactly what I’ll be teaching you in my upcoming complimentary teleseminar!

See, In order to truly THRIVE in your own business, you need to grow your list. Having a list of potential clients and customers to market to on a regular basis is the absolute KEY to making more money and enjoying more ease and freedom in your business.

I should know—because that’s exactly what happened for me!

Building my own list changed absolutely everything…and I can’t wait to share my best list-building tips and strategies with YOU on October 14!

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn on the call:

  • The list-building strategies that are working best right now, and that you can begin implementing right away
  • My recommendations for software and applications that systematize and automate your list-building for you
  • What strategies work best when you want boosts of hundreds of people joining your list at one time
  • How to continue strengthening your relationship with your subscribers once they’ve signed up, making it much more likely that they’ll buy…and a lot more!

I hope you can join me.  If you can’t make the call live, it will be recorded and you will receive the audio as well as the handout—but do try to make it live in order to benefit from the special time-sensitive offer I will be introducing!

You can learn more and register here: Free List-Building Teleseminar

“See” you on the call!

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