lbwl square 2Are you ready to grow your list, engage your tribe, and create offers that thrill them?

I’m sure you know you need to build your list – after all, that’s where your clients and customers come from!

In fact, it wasn’t until I got really SERIOUS about growing my list that my income finally took off.

The year was 2011. That year I more than doubled my revenue in 12 months and crossed the 6 figure mark for the first time. Less than 2 years later I hit multiple 6 figures!

It can all be traced back to putting legit BIG time effort into my list-building activities.

I decided to not play small anymore.

I decided to drop my excuses.

I decided to come OUT of hiding and generate the income I deserved.

I want this for you, too.

It’s what the 5 day “List Build With Love” Challenge will help you do.

This FREE 5-day challenge kicks off NEXT Monday, June 13th.

You’ll receive an actionable lesson every day, including specific steps to take to begin growing your community right away.

You’ll also get to join me daily inside our Facebook group for Q+A, encouragement, and additional training, while creating new friendships in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who’ve got your back.

All while coming from a place of LOVE, not “ick.” (‘Cause we’re not about that!) 🙂

It’s time to serve WAY more of the clients who need you, with confidence.

Once you start focusing on this, it will change EVERYTHING for you.


So, are you up for the challenge? Be sure to sign up here to join us now and let us know you’re “IN!”

(We’ll also be giving away some epically juicy prizes for those folks who take lots of action in this challenge! It’s going to be so much fun. Sign up for this free list-building challenge here.)

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