A list, a following, a community, a tribe.

People say you need this if you want to build a sustainable business online.

They talk about it as if it’s the Holy Grail.

Honestly, it pretty much is. But when I ask entrepreneurs what’s keeping them from growing their community, I basically hear variations on 3 things:

It just seems like it will take so much TIME to do…

I’m confused about HOW exactly to best do it, quickly…

Once I build the list, I’m not even sure I’d know what to SAY to them…

I’m betting some of that sounds familiar.

What if you had someone who could take you by the hand and lead the way, plus a supportive community who were also in it together with you?

It would look exactly like my new List Build With Love Challenge. 🙂

If it’s YOUR time to grow your list, engage your tribe, and create offers that thrill them – join us free here: Free List Building Challenge

This FREE 5-day challenge kicks off NEXT Monday, January 23rd. Here’s what’s included:

* You’ll receive an actionable lesson every day, including specific steps to take to begin growing your community right away (+ built-in accountability)

* You’ll get to join me daily inside our Facebook group for Q&A, encouragement, and additional video training

* You’ll be a part of a special community of like-minded entrepreneurs who’ve got your back and are going through the challenge right along with you

Awesome, right?

I can’t wait to lead you through it.

Let us know you’re “in” by signing up here!

Let’s do this, together.

P.S. We’ll also be giving away some truly juicy prizes for those folks who take lots of action in this challenge! It’s gonna be a blast. 🙂

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