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Do you get the nagging feeling you aren’t living your best life? Do you want to trade the ordinary for the extraordinary? Are you ready to get MORE out of life?

In There’s More to Life Than This, relationship marketing expert Christine Gallagher provides a clear path for moving our of your undesirable circumstances, and the status quo, and into a fabulously inspired life…a life with infinitely more meaning and fulfillment.

In this energizing blend of practical strategies and sage advice from her own life and vast experience as an entrepreneur, Christine presents eleven principles for creating a life that so few people seem to enjoy these days-a life that ultimately unlocks the true potential hidden inside each and every one of us.

You will learn:

How to recognize and correct MISALIGNMENTS that are holding you back

How to trust the STIRRING in your heart for more

How to find INSPIRATION to move forward

Where to seek out PRACTICAL HELP on your life’s journey

How to create a PATH out of your own mess

Courageous strategies to LOOK WITHIN in order to do and be more

How to avoid the NAYSAYERS and find people who GET YOU

How to define your big WHY and discover your unique LEGACY

Whether you’re longing for more fulfillment in your professional or personal life, seeking to make a bigger impact on the world, or searching for the courage to pursue your dreams, Christine’s practical strategies will kick-start you on your path toward a more inspired and meaningful life. Don’t wait another minute. Take the first step…choose now to discover MORE!

(Christine is happy to sign your copy for you! :))


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