The most successful business owners know that in order to achieve success, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

They know that having someone to model... who can shortcut the way to success for them, help them avoid mistakes, save them precious time, and help them create new opportunities… is the fastest path to a rewarding business that's rooted in freedom.

It’s how ordinary people create extraordinary results.  

But, most entrepreneurs never get to that place.  

You may even question yourself like I used to: “What makes them so special that they get to enjoy those results, while I continue to struggle?”

And: "When is it going to be MY turn?" 

You would love to enjoy a business that consistently grows, allows you to pay yourself generously, gives you the freedom you crave, AND helps a lot more people. But, up until now, it's only been a pipe dream. 

Why? Because you haven't discovered how to:

  • Roll out a solid, doable plan for multiple streams of income to attract more dream clients without always focusing on 1:1 services
  • Consistently collaborate your way to revenue via joint ventures with like-minded entrepreneurs who support and celebrate the work you do
  • Grow a team and master delegation so you actually create time to unplug, shut down your computer, and simply relax (instead of feeling like you've just created another job for yourself)
  • Create a solid sales funnel while developing and promoting your programs with ease and confidence
  • (Finally) match your income with the value you provide for flexibility and financial freedom
  • Uplevel your marketing knowledge so you consistently attract and convert a much wider audience

As I continue to coach hundreds of business owners and in my own experience of growing and maintaining my own business, one thing is forever true…

You can’t make any money if no one knows you exist! Period.

Because it’s not just about being good at your craft or your secret sauce – it’s about getting your message out there in a magnetic, big way.

And, the second forever true thing? 

Most entrepreneurs are great at starting new things, but not so great at "finishing."

When you try to tackle your business alone, you may implement in pieces. But it’s easy to slip back into old ways or decide “I’ll do it later.” 

Sound familiar?

The best recipe for motivation and continuous grow is honest guidance. A trusted mentor giving you step-by-step advice, getting you unstuck when you want to throw in the towel, and providing you with accountability and the unconditional support of a group of peers who want you to succeed.

And, not just "succeed" in a superficial way.

But, succeed on your OWN terms, not just in a cookie-cutter version of someone else's business. 

Succeed where you get to enjoy PROFIT, not just revenue. (BIG difference!)

Succeed not just by "looking" successful from the outside, but by truly feeling aligned with the business you have, the clients you work with, and the time off you get to enjoy - instead of just working yourself to the bone. (Making good money but having no time off to enjoy it does NOT feel like success to me! I’ve been there... and I ain't going back.)

HOW does this happen?

  • By assembling a team of trusted mentors, following a solid, structured system, and accessing built-in support that will not only set you up for success, but keep you motivated
  • By being a part of an IMPLEMENTATION-FOCUSED training and coaching program that provides a step-by-step plan to build and grow your business by keeping you in ACTION
  • By consistently creating more results in less time - because you are constantly held accountable, inspired, and supported – every step of the way
  • By designing your marketing plan so it runs on autopilot for maximum results and less work
  • By tapping into a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, working together to reach a common goal: to have a profitable, rewarding, and FUN business that impacts the world

The members my Mastermind have done all of this and more... and now it's YOUR turn.

In The Mastermind, we believe there is something bigger and better out there for you, even if you don’t just yet.

In our intimate group, we value personal growth, continuous innovation, being open to new ideas, supporting and respecting others, love, gratitude and appreciation, and making a difference in the world.

For those who secure a spot, everything needed to grow and expand a truly leveraged business will be served up for you. This includes:

  • Moving from seeing yourself as simply "self-employed," to being the true CEO of your business - making decisions powerfully and confidently
  • Ending the exhausting "feast and famine" cycle in your income by shifting to a more leveraged business model that brings in sales consistently and seamlessly
  • Letting go of feeling like you need to do everything yourself, and instead building an effective, trusted team to outsource to
  • Shifting from a business that feels disorganized, disjointed, and so devoid of structure that it's crazy-making... to a systematized, well-oiled machine with clear processes and procedures
  • Moving from undercharging and undervaluing yourself and your services to creating and selling more high-level, high-ticket programs
  • Creating an actual PROFITABLE business that allows you to keep a lot more of what you make, instead of always feeling like you have nothing to show for your hard work at the end of the day/month/quarter/year 

Content and training is great, but this is also a TRUE Mastermind. We’ll be getting together as a group every 90 days to brainstorm next moves, celebrate accomplishments (SO important), map out your next 90 days, create goals and milestones, and put rock solid accountability in place. 

FIRST, Our Commitment to Your Return on Investment:

"ROI" - Return on Investment - is something you'll hear me talk about often. So many programs out there put a heavy emphasis on overloading you with more information, with the facilitator usually more concerned with packing as many people as possible into the program, with little concern for whether it actually PAYS OFF for the members. 

If you're spending significant resources (time, money, energy, and more) to be a part of a Mastermind, you absolutely SHOULD expect to see real, tangible results. I've designed The Mastermind™ to deliver those results for you as the MAIN goal. After all, that's what you are investing in, right?

Here's How I Deliver on That Promise to You:

  • I'm very accessible and available to my clients and don't leave you to figure things out on your own. My job is to be there for you, be responsive to you, and co-create WITH you the results you are investing in. (And then celebrate with you too, of course!)
  • Over nearly 12 years of coaching, I've developed a structure and system for delivering predictable results for my clients. Coaches who simply pile more info onto entrepreneurs' plates majorly miss the mark - it's IMPLEMENTATION that moves the needle in your business, and that's what myself and the other members will be holding you accountable to!
  • So many entrepreneurs struggle with feeling "stuck." I have a knack for quickly seeing solutions for you in my mind, visualizing possibilities, and conceptualizing what could be... and then creating the step-by-step plan for you to bring it to life
  • Being able to give very personalized attention to my Mastermind clients is extremely important to me. That's why I strictly limit the size. You'll never get lost in the shuffle - not on my watch!
  • I actually turn down some people who ask to join the Mastermind. That's because I am dedicated to preserving the quality of the group, and to maintaining an environment that's supportive, motivating, HIGH VIBE, non-judgmental, and results-driven. It MATTERS.
  • I have a gift for breaking down techie concepts into easy-to-understand language, which is actually rare in the coaching world. Let me be the geek with technology, and keep you from feeling held back by it... so you can concentrate on YOUR unique genius of helping others with your gifts.
  • Marketing without the right mindset isn't enough. My unique blend of scalable marketing strategies and mindset coaching helps you increase your income by working less, while getting you out of your OWN way. That's the sweet spot!

SECOND, an Intentional Structure That Doesn't Leave Your Success Up to Chance:

I'm not a "willy nilly" marketing coach. Meaning, in this Mastermind you're not just thrown a big old heap of long, boring trainings and then told: "Hey, good luck making sense of how this all even relates to YOUR situation and business!" (I've been in programs like that - ugh, frustrating.)

Success is strategic (and that's how my brain works, too!) Depending on where you are right now in your business, you'll need a specific focus. That's why I've carefully created a model and curriculum that addresses the unique needs of an online entrepreneur who is aiming to leverage and scale a business, rather than just staying stuck offering one-off sessions, selling services by the hour, and toiling in 1 on 1 work.

In order to scale effectively, you'll need to nail 3 essential things: 1) Captivating an audience by being crystal clear on your market, message, and signature offer and continuing to grow your list; 2) Nurturing that audience by continuously warming them up and wowing them so you're always top of mind; and 3) Activating that audience to buy frequently so your income is not only consistent - but consistently growing and becoming more scalable in a way that requires less of you and your time, and relies more on leveraged systems, delegation, and automation. This is how you move from doing "all the things," to stepping into the role of VISIONARY in your company. A beautiful thing.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, Our Commitment to Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Social Justice, and Decency:

At She's Got Clients, we wholeheartedly believe your business should reflect your values. Personally, I want to use my platform as an entrepreneur and CEO for what I believe is good and just in this world, not just to make money - and I want to work with clients who feel the same.

To that end, we firmly believe:

  • In inclusivity and equity for all races, creeds, abilities, and orientations
  • In our duty and sacred responsibility to help facilitate meaningful change as entrepreneurs
  • In committing to awareness and rectification of our conscious and unconscious biases
  • In continuously educating ourselves in order to help create systemic improvements in our society
  • In our roles as leaders to be alert to inequities and disparities that are often easily overlooked, and actively combat them

Let's look at some of the amazing achievements my Mastermind clients are enjoying...

The Mastermind™ Members Are Creating Extraordinary Results:

After being in two other Masterminds that didn't deliver results, Mastermind member Brenda Nicholson increased her sales by 80% and her list by 50% as a result of working with me. (What kind of difference would an 80% increase in sales make in YOUR life?) She's now consistent with her marketing and feels so much more in tune with her clients and their needs. Sweet!

Lisa booked her first two 12-month clients into the coaching package that she and I created together; in the same week, she also booked two 6-month clients and scored a $5,000 keynote. She had her best year ever financially and was able to stop working as a hands-on organizer to focus on what she loves and does best. She's now got a business that is built around her lifestyle in beautiful Northern California!

Carol Ann made back her Mastermind investment (plus more) in just a few short weeks through the new coaching program I helped her launch. Her list has grown from a couple hundred subscribers to over 3000, and she was able shift the business model that was keeping her unhappy, allowing her to cut back on done-for-you services, and replace them with more leveraged offers. She now ONLY takes on ideal clients!

Terry held her first live event - something she’d been thinking about for years, but finally took action on with my encouragement. It was a smash hit and not only profitable on its own, but resulted in continuing business. She offered it a second time and that sold out too! She says: "The Mastermind is an investment that will pay for itself many times over."

Jennifer came to me with stalled business, not knowing where to start. Since joining the Mastermind, she's not only gained a lot more confidence in herself, she's hosted her own workshop, been a featured speaker in a half-day seminar, increased her list, and is now consistent in her marketing - a 180-degree change from where she started!

Lacey came to me as a tired mama of 4 with another on the way, looking for more leverage. We made some very strategic tweaks to her business model, and she ended up growing her list by 800%, quadrupling her team, and adding over 350 new customers. She was able to move her family overseas for a dream opportunity in England as a result!

Erica was able to hone in on her ideal client and craft a message that allows her to attract them consistently. She's also been able to focus much more on innovating, and has been able to see less patients, yet make more money. She's now able to see more of the people she enjoys working with, while having more time to focus on other aspects of the business she has been wanting to grow. (And grow she has! She recently launched her first book, held her third successful live event, and is launching her first online course!)

Since working with me in the Mastermind, Jeannie held her first telesummit, increased her mailing list by 400 subscribers, filled her practice and launched her signature system to great results and PR. In the first quarter of the year she made more than she made the entire year before! (Not to mention, when she first came to me, she was working a full-time job that made her miserable - but is now a full-time entrepeneur making 6 figures!)

"As a direct result of coaching with Christine in the Mastermind, my list has increased 40%, my revenue has increased by 50%, and I am totally 100% more confident in WHO I am and what I provide." ~Esther Hughes, Founder of The Center for Elite Women Communicators

"Since working with Christine in the Mastermind, I am delegating more, systematizing my procedures, and running the business in a more automated way. I am now building the path to create more revenue for myself doing what I love. I get so much value learning from Christine." ~Danielle Monaco, Boutique Owner

"As part of the Mastermind, Christine kept me accountable. This ultimately brought me new, ideal clients and my income became consistent. I quickly made my investment back plus much more. Just DO IT!" ~Kyna Baker, Business Operations Manager

"Within one month of joining Christine's Mastermind I increased my sales, developed a new membership program that enrolled members in seconds of its launch, and I held my first successful 2-day event!" ~Sherita Sparrow, Nationally Renowned Therapeutic Art Specialist 

"During my time coaching with Christine in the Academy, I finally raised my fees, delegated and let go, and booked a vacation the first time in 5 years! Plus our Operating Income has grown by 30%!" ~Holly Volpe, Interior Designer

As a result of coaching with Christine in her Mastermind, I tripled my income and I have regained clarity of what I want. I’m more confident, and back in touch with my core values. I am not afraid to let my personality shine." ~Lisa Olinda, World Class Executive Assistant

“As a direct result of coaching with Christine in her Mastermind, I had my first $33,000 DAY in my business. I can say this confidently based on my personal experience with coaches, she is one of the best.” ~Marilee Tolen, Holistic RN & Essential Oils Expert

“The Mastermind program is absolutely amazing. I know I could not be where I am without Christine’s support. The plans I have now to take my business to the next level I couldn’t have even imagined even 6 months ago. She really is an amazing mentor.” ~Jan Douglas, Designer & Pro Quilter

“I’ve been blown out of the water at how much Christine has been able to deliver in her Mastermind. It was exactly what I needed: the plan, the steps, and the strategy. I’m no longer caught up in all the minutiae!” ~Robin Dann, Web Designer & Marketing Director

“Being a solopreneur is lonely and difficult. I saw what Christine was doing – how she was able to automate. I wanted to learn how I could too. I now have a Virtual Assistant, a Web Designer, and know the questions I need to ask to update my business in this ever-changing world. Christine is an amazing leader and catalyst.” ~Anne Zuckerman, Inventor & Entrepreneur

This is just a small sampling of what my Mastermind members have been able to accomplish. There is so much more I'm proud to say they've acheived... yearly marketing calendars completed, first team members added, leveraged income sources added, goals reached and exceeded...

I want this for YOU, too! 

At this point you may be wondering, "Ok Christine, exactly what am I going to receive in order to create results like this??" I've got you covered...

Check Out What You Get as a Mastermind Member

You’ll see from what’s included in the program that it’s designed to deliver a high level of personal attention, as well as invaluable group support, so you can make powerful decisions and take inspired action towards achieving your unique vision of success.

My passion and life purpose is to help pull entrepreneurs like you into their bigger vision, because once upon a time, I WAS you.

That's why I've included everything you need to continuously achieve your most ambitious goals, so you can step into the life of success that is waiting for you. Let's take a look at what's included...

A 60-minute “Kick Start” Introductory Private Strategy Call + Twelve 20 Minute 1-on-1 Calls With Me to Be Used Throughout Your Program Year

The Kickoff call is the perfect way for you to hit the ground running and receive a huge boost of momentum to get you started right. We’ll review your goals and map out the next 30-60 days to get you JUMPSTARTED into action. 

Then, via the additional 20-minute private calls with me, you’ll receive the highly personal, ongoing 1-on-1 coaching and support you want to set big personal and business goals for yourself… and reach them!

One-on-One Voxer Coaching Access to Me

Use this on-demand access to me to map out your next launch, get just-in-time answers and advice, uncover hidden money in your business, get clear on your marketing plan, and formulate next steps to keep you moving forward. 

Two January Virtual Intensives with Me and the Group (One on Business Model Clarity, One on Marketing Strategy.)

We’ll meet virtually as a group twice in the Mastermind year for deep-dive Intensives. In the first, we’ll get you crystal clear on (or further hone) your market, message, business model, and offers to ensure you hit the ground running with all the clarity you need to increase your income significantly.  

In the second Intensive, we’ll map out your strategy for the year so you know exactly what to be working on when, and how you’ll hit your big goals. 

Private Online Forum Access to Brainstorm, Share Resources and Collaborate–Plus Receive Instant Feedback (Daily!)

Enjoy full access to our private online forum to collaborate and receive instant feedback, advice, and clarity from both myself and the other members. Just imagine being able to tap into the wisdom of the group anytime you need to! Don’t be shy about using this resource to help keep you accountable for doing what you said you would!

Your Own Accountability Partner (An Optional, Yet Incredibly Effective Way to Create Meaningful Relationships and Accountability Measures)

You will be encouraged to participate in regular accountability calls with a Mastermind Buddy to ensure you continue to make progress, implement, and stay inspired. This will ensure you create meaningful relationships and accountability measures with your high-achieving peers. (Priceless!) You will no doubt find this support to be invaluable as you travel along your business-building path.

Your Choice of Two Done-for-You Custom Marketing Opportunities

I know how much the tech and design side of business can trip entrepreneurs up and prevent them from moving forward. That’s why I'm gifting you a choice of two done-for-you marketing opportunities - yes, we will create them for you! Choose from a done-for-you lead capture page, webinar or speaking gig slide deck, set of 12 social media graphics, Facebook ad creation, or eBook design. (Need something else? Just ask!)

Three 2-Day “Closed-Door” LIVE Group Retreats Including Powerful Marketing Strategies and Teachings with Me and Masterminding with Your Fellow Mastermind Members

The live retreats include curriculum-based teaching on marketing, mindset, and systems, and will also include generous time for Q&A, marketing advice, segments on best practices, laser coaching, and group masterminding with the other members. You will emerge from this focused time with concrete, actionable next steps to keep you on track and moving forward! (Note: Retreats will be virtual until it is Covid-safe to return to in person gatherings.)

(It's not all work and no play, however. We'll also have a TON of fun together!)

I'm All About Bonuses... Here's What You'll Also Enjoy 

My clients know I'm kinda obsessed with over-delivering!

The Mastermind™ is no exception. Take a peek at the juicy bonuses I’m including for you!

"Welcome to the Academy" Goodies Delivered to Your Door

I love surprising my clients with useful and fun gifts, so you can expect a special care package to be delivered upon joining us in the Mastermind! What’s included? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see! (That’s why it’s a surprise. :-)) Rest assured, you’re gonna love these special goodies that will add even more excitement to the occasion of joining our crew!

Access to All of My Income Infusion Campaigns

What’s an Income Infusion?  

They’re the Quick Cash Flow techniques I teach my private clients, and are essentially designed to simplify and speed up the process of injecting cash into your business whenever you need. That way, any time you decide you need some extra cash, you pull these techniques out, you deploy them, and watch the cash flow into your life. I teach all of this in my Income Infusion Intensive, and as soon as you join the Mastermind, you get instant access. This is how we get to work on making back your Mastermind investment super fast - something that’s incredibly important to me! (ROI, baby!)

Access to My Training "Vault"

One of my fave things to do is create and share specialized trainings on topics that are crucial to an entrepreneur’s success. That’s why I’m able to consistently provide so many - it’s truly a huge passion of mine! With your Mastermind membership, you get access to them in my super secret “vault” of programs. Just some of the areas covered in the vault: list-building, social media automation, video marketing, profitable webinars, package creation, and so much more.

Priority Access to My Promotional Calendar, Collaboration, and Hiring Opportunities

I love collaborating with my clients, and I give them special priority opportunities to be promoted to my community (17K on list, and 40K+ in social media) for extra visibility! I’ve also been known to joint venture with my clients, and even hire them for services! As a member of The Mastermind™, you get first dibs on these exciting opportunities to fast track your growth and positioning in the marketplace. Cool, right?!

VIP Access to the "Experts Entourage"

Team work makes the dream work!! Although your fearless leader knows a lot (if I do say so myself -lol!) - I also know some of the best experts in the biz. And... I just so happen to have reeled them in to support you in the Academy! Score! They’ll be there in the Facebook Group to supply all the advice and answers you could ever ask for, when it comes to sales, mindset, legal issues, delegation, tech, and more! Go team!

Take a look at our brilliant experts...


AMUNET BURGUENO: Christine’s own Master Hypnotist and Confidence Coach

As a life coach who uses hypnosis and energy healing as well as her intuitive abilities, Amunet has seen hundreds of her own clients’ lives transform. Together with Amunet, you’ll discover what is stopping you from being the very best version of yourself, and receive the detailed steps you need to take to so you can feel empowered and take action to reach your goals.

ANTHONY VERNA: Christine's own Intellectual Property, Trademark, Copyright, Domain Names, and Advertising Lawyer

I originally met Anthony in law school! I only lasted a semester (the legal world was not for me!), but Anthony persevered to become a leader in his field - specializing in providing all Intellectual Property services a modern business of any size may need to market and promote itself better. His firm, Verna Law, P.C., has a global reach that provides clients with the most vigorous Intellectual Property advocate available. He’s also a sought-after business speaker, and a member of the New York and New Jersey Bars, as well as the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York.

TANYA BRYANT: Christine's own Longtime Superstar Tech Virtual Assistant

I can't even remember business life before Tanya! Leveraging her past experience and her love of technology and the internet, Tanya lends her technical, administrative, and customer service skills to online business owners who need assistance in order to continue to grow their business. Tanya's expertise lies in the details, including but not limited to, shopping cart setup, WordPress customization and maintenance, and email/list management. Basically the all-too-necessary tasks that keep you from doing what you love!

HOLLY CHANTAL: The Industry's Best and Brightest Branding Expert and Founder of The Land of Brand®

Simply put, Holly helps you brand your awesome. Holly’s developed a gloriously simple method that helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and small business owners uncover the brand-worthy nuances at the heart of their work. The Land of Brand® has branded over 200 service professionals, from startups to seven-figure earners, and trained thousands more to build brands that are an authentic expression of who they are, positioning them as the obvious choice for the right clients, fans, and collaborators.

CHERYL BINNIE: 7-Figure Direct Response Copywriter Extraordinaire

Cheryl Binnie, owner of Copy Luv, helps small business owners write their websites, newsletters, launches, & sales material – with a focus on building relationships + inspiring action. Having worked on everything from 15-minute presentations to 7-figure launches, Cheryl helps her clients to dig deep, get authentic, and pull out some of the greatest content they never knew they had in them. As a taleted Direct Response Copywriter, Cheryl writes and coaches entrepreneurs on creating copy that gets people to take an action (like sign up, or click a link, or buy a program).

KATIE MAZZOCCO: Small Business Systems Strategist and Productivity Guru

Katie Mazzocco is the Small Business Systems Strategist and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, Revolutionary Productivity. Katie believes you aren’t meant to be a machine, and that it's possible to save time and end overwhelm while having a more balanced, abundant, and impactful business and life. She is the founder of the Revolutionary Productivity Academy™, CEO of and creator of the Revolutionary Productivity Process.™ Katie’s mission is to spread more love in the world by equipping entrepreneurs to save 2 hours a day or more in their business.  

YOURS TRULY :-): Award-Winning Business Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Best-Selling Author

Your fearless leader's unique brilliance lies in: package and program creation, client and lead acquisition, internet marketing, community building, social media strategy, launches, live events, success mindset, collaborations, list building, business scaling, team, systems, automated marketing, content creation, and all-around tech geekiness. 

More Experts to be announced soon...


My own mentors have taught me that when an opportunity for growth is presented to you, it’s important to evaluate it based on the specific results and value you will receive from it, not from what it “costs.” 

I have learned to look at my own opportunities for investing in myself by using the “4x model.” “If I implement everything that I learn in this program, using the step-by-step methods, support, expert coaching, and accountability that are built into it, is it likely that I will make 4 times my investment back in the program in the next 12-24 months?” If the answer is “YES!” then it is a very good investment. (This is why I have invested over $175,000 in my own coaching to date, and am able to get such exponential returns as a result.) 

Many clients who work with me are excited to report that coaching pays for itself in the form of new sales and clients quickly, with many making back their investment in just a few short months - if not sooner. 

I have structured the curriculum and coaching to make sure you take consistent, fast action, resulting in new income that pays for the program. Investing in yourself and your business is the best investment you could make, because you will be using what you learn over the rest of your business career.

That all being said, most Masterminds out there don’t include NEARLY as much as this one does - AND they are typically priced in the $25-50K range for what often amounts to a bunch of “rah rah” feel good content and basic networking in a group that's usually overwhelmingly large. 

Not only that, you’re often shut out of direct access to the coach, with either no private coaching, OR only coaching provided by some random Associate Coach. (I know this, because I’ve been a part of them. Ugh!) 

In case it’s not clear yet, that’s not how I roll. :-) 

In fact, I’ve decided to structure the pricing so that you’re rewarded for taking quick action. (Because action takers are some of my fave people to work with!)  

How does it work? The base price of the Mastermind is $20,000, but for the first 5 people who join, I’m giving you a sweet 25% off! (Yes, that means you get all the amazingness of this Mastermind for just $15,000.)

Even if you join after the first 5 people, you still get to save because the next 5 are getting 10% off!  

And yes, even if you join a little later than that, you still enjoy a discount - the next 8 people who join get 5% off.

Heres what that looks like in handy table form, in case you’re visual like me:


This Mastermind represents the culmination of my life's mission and purpose: to help pull entrepreneurs like you into their bigger vision, because once upon a time, I WAS you. I created something bigger and better for myself and I’m grateful for the mentors who helped guide me and pull me up with a helping hand when I was lost.

I’d be honored to be the one who lights YOUR path. I am committed to helping you share your talents with the world, continuously achieve your most ambitious goals, and see you step into the life of success that is waiting for you.

I commit to taking your business seriously, to holding you as a priority, and to caring about your growth and success as a business owner.

I commit to giving you that extra push you will sometimes need in order to say “yes” to big and scary opportunities.

I commit to respecting the time, energy, and money you invest with She’s Got Clients.

I commit to always be a stand for inclusivity, diversity, equity, social justice, and decency.

I commit to supporting you in taking action on the decisions that you make.

I commit to listening for what you want, to getting you what you need, and to supporting you in figuring out what you want or need when even you do not know what that is.

I commit to supporting the lifestyle you want to live, and to having some fun right alongside you!

This is my sacred pledge and committment to you.

With Love,


P.S. As a reminder, the full 25% discount is for the first 5 people ONLY! The sooner you schedule your call with me, the better your chances will be to snag one of those first 5. So... don't delay... click below to secure your spot on the calendar!

P.P.S. Rest assured, this is NOT a program where you'll just be inundated with more information. The Mastermind™ has been carefully and intentionally designed to move you into ACTION and IMPLEMENTATION, right away. Fast action = fast results. And it's RESULTS you're investing in, right? Allow me to keep you accountable so you can create the life and business you really want, NOW.


I know intimately that making the right decision about your own future and the future of your business is an incredibly important process. 

I also know that this is a big commitment you are considering, and I don't take that lightly! This Mastermind WILL transform and stretch you, and while that is a very GOOD thing, you also need to be ready for it. 

Because of that, I want to make absolutely certain that this is the right fit for you. I'd like to get to know you a bit, and want you to get to know me, too! We'll be spending 12 months together, so giving you the opportunity to chat by phone or Skype just makes sense. 

I'm also quite picky about who I include in the Mastermind, so this will ensure we're both feeling like it's the right next step for you. I'd love to hear your goals and dreams for the next year and listen to what your current challenges may be.

If it's not the right time for you, I won't push you into doing something that is not in your best interest. We'll simply chat to see if this is the program for you.

If you're ready for a high level of personal attention as well as invaluable group support... so you make powerful decisions and take inspired action towards achieving your unique vision of success... click the button below to schedule your call with me now:

My calendar does tend to fill up quickly, so if you'd like one of those five 25% off spots, be sure to schedule so you can grab one (and not have to kick yourself later!)

After reading this page and seeing all goodness that's baked into this Mastermind, you won't want to waste the opportunity to be a part of something like this. Book your call now while you're thinking about it, ok? :)  

More Extraordinary Results From Mastermind Members:

Paula Onysko

Ashley Biscoe and Alison Egeland

Susan Winograd

Jeni Waeltz

Amy Lundberg

Gail Kemeliotis

Sherita Sparrow

Erica Meloe

Carol Ann DeSimine

Danielle Monaco