Something I’ve always taught my clients?

How to have strong boundaries.

It’s always been a kinda “She’s Got Clients” foundational 101 topic. 🙂

But as I continue to work even deeper on this in my life and business, and release more patterns and internal programming…

Oh man is there a lot more I have to say.

I also realized that while I’ve done a lot of “clean up” around this in my own experience over the years, it’s not something I’ve talked about much, outside of with my clients.

In particular, I’m referencing what I heard one of my mentors once call “money shenanigans.”

Meaning, what you will and won’t tolerate around getting paid in your biz.

If this is an area that’s sometimes messy for you…first of all, know that we’ve all been there.

(Unless you’re some kind of superhuman or something.)

The good thing is, you have more control over this than you might think.

Let me frame this for you first.

I’ve been offering what’s considered “high-end” or “premium” priced programs since way back in 2010.

I.e., charging $10k, $15k, $20k, $25k and more for my coaching.

Looking back, I had to learn to embody certain things over the years, that have made a true difference in an area that was once pretty shaky.

My clients who charge higher fees for work that creates a true, lasting change for their clients have learned this, too.

Confidence in the skills you have is everythang.

It’s well worth taking the time to sit with this idea… are you super confident in the value you provide and the results you can create?

Charging and receiving bigger fees means you simply KNOW this, in your core.

Clients who pay you higher fees expect you to have this confidence.

Energetically, they can feel when you don’t.

For example, clients who sign up to work with me at a higher level repeatedly tell me the same thing:

“I could tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that you really know your stuff.”

I know it, and I own it.

I live it every day.

And a sweet side benefit of this… it attracts truly delightful people who are ready to step it up and do the work.

To take this a little further, you also want to get radically real with yourself about what’s still hanging you up.

What’s getting in the way? What may you not have been willing to look at up until now?

(For example, one of my things used to be hiding from my expenses and only paying attention to what was coming in, not going out. Facing that and cleaning up the messes around it was transformative.)

So… getting back to the shenanigans piece.

What this really comes down to is:

Having zero tolerance for B.S. when it comes to your money.

You are just NOT here for it.

People not being on time for payment plans… nope.

Tolerating long-ass calls giving away your brilliance only to not have the person sign up. Nope.

People expecting special payment arrangements. Nope-ity nope.

This ISN’T about being a “hardass.” This is simply about being the CEO of your business… who embodies the same energy you expect of your clients.

(Guess what kind of amazing clients you start attracting more of when you really GET this?)

It’s about BEING someone who’s empowered around money.

One other gentle reminder…

If you’re thinking to yourself: “I already know this…”

Do you?

If you don’t have the result, then you don’t truly know it.

So… here’s to your “no shenanigans” zone. 🙂


PS: I’ve discovered that for ambitious service providers who want to add more leverage…

… there is a set of principles around money and offers that is simpler, more elegant, and more profitable than what you’ve likely learned up to now… by a mile.

In fact, nothing compares when it comes to allowing in the most revenue with the highest level of time freedom, profit (money you keep), and ease.

I help you install these principles in your business and your offers in our year-long Mastermind.

Our bottom line? To add $20k-$40k+ in monthly recurring income with a leveraged offer, while cutting your hours in half. (Oh, and without having to do exhausting 1:1 work or market til you’re blue in the face. :))

Our clients are hitting 6 figures, multiple 6 figures, and raising their prices 5-fold or more… and getting it.

We have just a few spots open for ambitious, committed entrepreneurs (wellness professionals, healers, experts, coaches, consultants, etc.) who are ready to scale to $20-$40k+ months on their own terms in 2021.

Is that you?

Send me a message, and I’ll send over the next steps.

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