As I’ve studied manifestation over the years, I’ve learned a lot about what truly moves the needle.
The 2 biggies:
Self concept and knowing it is done.
Change your self concept and watch the world around you change.
Your concept of yourself is the cause of all the circumstances of your life.
Any change that you want to see occur needs to start from within you first. As within, so without.
The 3D doesn’t matter. Circumstances don’t matter. As long as I am doing my part, then movement is happening in the unseen.
Knowing it is done is about understanding that creation is finished.
All possibilities exist because time is not linear and the past, present and future are all happening at once.
Therefore you can decide to align with the possible outcome you most want.
With the Law of Attraction getting so much attention in the last decade plus, there are a few things that drive me cray cray when it comes to people’s understanding of it.
No wonder so many people end up disillusioned and declare, “This stuff doesn’t work.”
They feel that way because it’s honestly the wrong “Law” to be focusing on… among other things. (More on that in the video.)

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