tolerateHave you ever asked yourself what you’re tolerating in your life?

I never really did, until I joined a program several years ago with an intake questionnaire that included that question.

I recently looked back at it and chuckled, as I’ve long since tackled much of what I had listed. (In all honesty, there are still a few stubborn things I continue to work on. And of course, as time goes on, we all pick up new tolerations we’ll eventually need to ditch!)

At that time I wrote things like:

I work from the couch instead of at a proper desk in my office, because I hate that room.

I keep paperwork and business-related stuff in messy piles around me.

My sleep schedule is wacky.

My productivity level kinda sucks.

I often don’t treat myself to things because I feel guilty.

Truthfully, I used to tolerate A LOT in my life and in my business. Now I tolerate very little.

At some point I made a decision that I only wanted to do things that feel good, and involve myself in things that feel good.

That’s a somewhat recent shift for me, because I think I truly forgot I had a choice.

It was a little bit of an epiphany.

Oh, duh! I can choose only the things that make me feel good in this life.

It’s empowering.

I now also have all the students in my Impact Academy make a list of what they are currently tolerating in their life and business.

Why? The idea is you can begin to eliminate what you are putting up with by first getting crystal clear.

Maybe your list includes a ratty piece of furniture. Bad habits. Disorganization. The town you live in. Certain relationships.

These things wear you down and zap your energy. They are like little energy leaks that are chipping away at you.

Do you see how that could affect what you accomplish in your business? Do you see how it could trickle down and affect your income?

The first step to remedying the issue is to get your tolerations on paper. Doing this shines a bright light on what’s been lurking beneath the surface, eating away at your productivity, your confidence, even your sleep.

Don’t hold back, and list out as many as you can think of. (I’ve known people whose lists numbered in the hundreds.)

Then, give yourself some timeframes. Make a note next to the ones that are feasible to stamp out immediately, then in the next 1-3 months, then 3-6 months, and so on.

As you eliminate these energy-sucking tolerations from your life, notice how you feel, and note the effects on your business.

It’s very likely you’ll feel freer, lighter, and much more in control.

And that’s a very good thing for business.

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