As I’d seen others do, last year I chose one word that would be my overall theme for 2011. A word that encompassed what the year would be all about. The word was “discipline” and while it doesn’t sound all that fun, it was exactly what I needed. It helped me reach several big streettcchhh goals during 2011 in fact–yahoo!

So, here we are again…this time on the last day of 2011…and it’s time to choose my theme for 2012. Last year it came to me pretty easily, but this year I had to do a little more thinking.

Thinking about my goals and dreams and what needs to be more of a focus going forward. What my INTENTIONS are (I don’t do resolutions ;-))

And what I came up with is…


(And not because it’s a Leap YEAR, although it’s fitting!)

I have some very ambitious goals for this year, and I also know there are going to be some leaps of faith I am going to need to make…not only in my business, but also in my personal life.

It’s exciting, it’s frightening, it’s going to take a lot of chutzpah. (I love that I am getting to use that word in a blog post ;-))

I’m ready. I know it is going to be an extraordinary year, a landmark year. My intention is for it to be my absolute best year ever.

I know the idea of this particular year is loaded with the meanings others have given to it: a shift in consciousness, a move toward greater enlightenment…and of course a whole slew of not so positive things.

While I can’t say if any of those things are true, I do know that I am feeling something in the air that seems to be just right around the corner.

Something incredible.

So happiest of New Years to you, and here’s to making those BIG life-altering leaps into more joy, prosperity and growth.

Oh, and I would love to hear your thoughts on 2012…have you thought of your “one word?” Please do share in the comments!

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