Creating new habits and processes in our lives often does not come naturally to us. There will have to be a gradual shift from what was to what will be.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” This applies to finding inspiration, especially in times where you’re going through a redefining of self: divorce, starting a new business, losing a lot of weight, or moving across the country, for example.

When I was first exploring ideas for my own business, those ideas were shot down by some of the people I shared them with. The last thing I needed at that time was to be doubted, and it pretty much took the wind out of my sails.

I had to find inspiration elsewhere.

A big part of building my inspiration up was in following others who were doing what I was doing and those who were already wildly successful doing what I wanted to do. I followed blogs of people I admired, went to conferences, and got around people who inspired me. I saw women entrepreneurs using technology to run their businesses, and it ignited a fire in me to do the same. I hired mentors and coaches and made sure to ask them how they make time to develop themselves and to stay inspired despite setbacks.

I discovered that they are intentional about their time. They build time into their day to feed the stirring inside of them to stay hopeful and inspired. They schedule time to read books about other successful people, inspirational stories, and industry giants. They plan time to connect with those they care about to nurture the relationships in their lives. They intentionally spend time outdoors in nature to feed their souls. They journal and create vision boards.

Now these types of practices are a part of my everyday life, and have been for years. They fuel me, calm me, and keep me in a place of faith and excitement about my business and my mission.

You can do the very same thing. Look at your day and all its responsibilities, and then plan time to find your inspiration. It may start with a fifteen-minute walk to clear your head and make a positive mental shift after a rough day. But you can build on this gradually. Start looking into networking groups of like-minded people whom you can get with once a week for encouragement. Begin seeking out books and magazines that could inspire you. Look for a mentor or coach who can teach practical techniques to guide you along the way.

The idea here is to be intentional. Work it into your life—the time and energy you spend on bringing inspiration into your life will pay huge dividends! Trust me.

Now, how will you intentionally build time into your life to be inspired? Make a plan and put it on your calendar.

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