Last Friday I had the honor of filming an episode for my friend Michele Granberg’s TV show! We talked about my new book and what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. (Marketing + Mindset baby!)

I’m thankful to Michele for the opportunity, and it was also fun to chat about the “inner” stuff that affects all of us when it comes to creating success and happiness in our lives. This is the stuff that really gets me charged up! I could talk about it endlessly.

In fact, I am excited to bring more of this front and center this year, as I am absolutely convinced more than ever that what goes on in our thoughts and minds affects us deeply. From the amount of courage we’re able to muster, to the amount of money we make, to the way we show up in the world and so much more.

Because of this conviction, I am in the midst of creating a completely brand new live retreat! I’ll be sharing more very soon, but for now, save the date: May 4, 5, 6!

This event will be entirely different than any I’ve done before, with the sole goal of sharing the tools that will allow you to create unprecedented levels of success from the inside out—so that you enjoy more income and personal fulfillment, and make a bigger impact on the world.

What I’ll be teaching is the exact process that I use to navigate through fear,moments of self doubt, and taking massive leaps as an entrepreneur–AND as a human being! I’ve especially learned a ton more about this in this past year of tumultuous change for me.

Some call it bravery, but I would’ve never thrived through it all without the tools I use to keep myself in a place of faith, positive expectation?, and out of my own darn way. 🙂 I can’t wait to share more soon.

For now, you can join the priority list to be the first to learn all the details here.

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