FFFbkimage3-13-204x300It is the goal of everyone to be successful – but sometimes dreams and intentions can get lost or take a back seat to the hectic day-to-day shuffle and bustle of life. Women especially are trying to find fulfillment and balance in their lives personally and professionally. Many struggle with their weight, finances, emotions and are often hungry for spiritual nourishment in their lives.

So how do you take the drab and make it fab?

That’s what Dr. Laureen Wishom examines, exposes and explains in Fit, Fine & Fabulous in Career, Business and Life. She says, “Fit, fine and fabulous is a state of being where your career, business, life, emotions, family, relationships, lifestyles, health, spirituality, finances and even your soul are all aligned and you are living successfully every day.”

In the book, Dr. Wishom, an award-winning entrepreneur for over 14 years, who has built her reputation as a career and business growth expert and coach, says that success in life comes by knowing what gives you true meaning, contentment and peace of mind.

Most people know WHAT to do, they struggle with the HOW to do it. In Fit, Fine & Fabulous, Dr. Wishom interviewed hundreds of high-achieving women to pinpoints their secrets to success, their methods, mantras, formulas and strategies.

In 17 fast-reading chapters (plus actions items at the end of each) she shares:

• Tips for making over everything from your office space to your wardrobe.
• Examples of how she revamped her life from the bedroom to the boardroom.
• Strategies for achieving radical success ranging from brand positioning and marketplace visibility to revenue acceleration.

In Fit, Fine & Fabulous, Wishom applies her proven formula from her own efforts in re-engineering and enhancing her life. Like many business people, Wishom spent years toiling in corporate America, where she felt undervalued and unappreciated. She decided to leave the rat race to find her own way to success.

Fourteen years later, she owns a stellar company and a dynamic program for success based on the 3R Method where she shows high-achieving people how to Re-Invent, Re-Imagine and Re-Emerge in career, business and life.

Not only did Wishom reinvent her career and business, she made over her life including everything from losing 55 pounds to changing her wardrobe and office furnishings; to writing a book… all with dramatic results. She went from “just professional” to a “wow” maven.

In the book, Wishom outlines the Strategic Success Plan™ methodology in easy-to-follow detail, equipped with interactive exercises, worksheets and action items to keep readers engaged in the process and on the right track. Each chapter includes downloadable assessment tools, personal anecdotes and suggested activities that guide the reader to a fit, fine and fabulous career, business and life.

At the core of the book is the 3R Method™ – this is the process of Wishom’s that helps readers Re-Imagine, Re-Invent and Re-Emerge. This method, says Wishom, is the way “to get on your dime and create your own exclusive space.”

Gain knowledge on how making small daily choices can transform your life; help you find your personal inspiration; rediscover your motivation and support you in recognizing your ultimate potential.

Discover how to:
• Set intentions and stick with them
• Stay motivated, focused and balanced
• Take daily action that creates a ripple effect
• Feel happier everyday
• Celebrate your ‘who’ and ‘why’

“Today you have to be “on your dime” if you want to be a success. You have to know your brand essence,” said Wishom. “It’s having the right attitude + right plan + right desire for a FABULOUS new YOU!”

Dr. Laureen Wishom is the voice for high-achieving women entrepreneurs, executives, non-profit leaders, coaches and career professionals who want to accelerate their growth and success. She is the founder and CEO of Dr. Laureen International, the Global Association of High-Achieving Women and the High-Achievers’ University.

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