This month’s “Third Thursday” video tip is all about what I call “compare and despair” syndrome.

In the age of Facebook and an online world where we have 24-7 access to everyone else’s “highlight reel,” it’s really easy to compare ourselves to other people–and then judge ourselves about where we are based on what we see that they’re doing.

Unfortunately, we more often compare ourselves not with those less fortunate (and feel grateful for what we have), but with those we perceive as having or being more. The result? Envy, and somehow feeling “not enough.”

It’s human nature and I think it’s something we’ve all dealt with before, including myself. The key is to not let it go so far that you let it take you out of the game. I’ve done some work around this in my own life, and in the video I share some helpful things that have helped me deal.

First, comparing yourself to others is a losing game. So, why not compare yourself to yourself instead? What are you doing today that you weren’t doing last year? How have you improved?

Second, decide to embrace the success of others, feel happy for them and learn from them. (This is about flipping your envy and negative feelings on their head.)

Third, practice gratitude. Appreciating what you have will cause you to attract more.

Fourth, focus on the journey. Your path is your path, their path is their path. Our journey is ours alone, and it has to do with where WE want to go, not where anyone else is going.

Finally, redirect your attention. Stop the destructive thought in its path, get off the Internet, do something that lifts your mood, get out in nature. Wallowing further doesn’t help anyone feel better.

Your to-do? Next time you find yourself in compare and despair mode, try one of these methods and notice how it lifts you out of that state. If you keep doing this consistently, you WILL break this nasty habit.

Does this topic resonate with you? Have you dealt with a tendency to compare yourself to others? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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