Do you ever wonder why you aren’t doing the things you need to do to move your business forward?

At a time when you really want and need to be getting your business into high gear, do you find yourself polishing your free report, fine tuning your website—instead of making the calls and reaching out to people?

What’s up with this pattern that is so common for solopreneurs? The pattern of knowing what REALLY needs to be done—and doing everything else first?

We’ve all got them—those UNCONSCIOUS programs, or set points that determine how successful we are, how much money we have, how much we weigh and even how healthy we are.

It’s super-common, and it’s an area I work through with my private coaching clients all the time. That’s why I’m happy to let you know that this Friday, 12/10 at 4 pm EST I’ll be interviewing my colleague Scout Wilkins, an internationally acclaimed Master Results Coach and Practitioner of Neurological Repatterning about how we all can adjust our points to allow more success, happiness, confidence, ease, health.

No opt-in required to listen in live, just dial (208) 272-9671 and use the code 547632# at that time. I encourage you to come on this call to find out what’s happening at an unconscious level—and what you can do to reprogram yourself for action and success.

(Can’t make it live? No worries, you can sign up here to get the recording.)

Hope you can join us!

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