I’m sure like most people, you’ve wondered what exactly you’re here on Earth for.

Almost a year ago I had a hand analysis done that confirmed my life purpose and the legacy I want to leave. In the past, I would have been pretty skeptical of something like this! However, so much was confirmed that I couldn’t ignore it.

The purpose of the analysis was to discover where my meaning and fulfillment are found and what I am hardwired to do. I don’t know what your feelings about such analyses are, but it was truly motivational to me and pivotal in my pursuing my life’s purpose.

The analysis revealed that I was a Master of Creativity and The Artist. Among other things, it showed that:

o Fulfillment comes from spilling your guts on the canvas of your choice in front of an audience
o Find the appropriate measure of display that gives your inner nature a chance to shine
o This can mean coming out of the closet (in any sense) and risking disapproval

Your life purpose blossoms when you:
o Express your individuality in all parts of your life
o Take your creativity to the next level

You struggle when:
o You are living in disguise or hiding out
o You hold back for fear of rejection and criticism
o You choose too small a stage

It also revealed that I was The Master of Communications, Author, and Speaker. No surprise there! The attributes of that analysis:

o Your purpose is to find your message and deliver it to the public
o You discover your message through life experience, introspection, and revelation
o Present your core truth to the general public

You struggle when:
o You aren’t connected to your message
o You aren’t listening to your audience

The Left Ring of my hand revealed that I was a Master of Self-Approval and The Innovator and had these attributes:

oYou need freedom and are willing to pay the price to get it

You are happiest when:
o You can remove your mask
o You fully approve of yourself
o You can get a skeptic to change their tune

Your life purpose blossoms when:
o You are breaking new ground
o You honor your craft

You struggle with:
o Being a hermit
o Trying to please people
o Your inner critic gets too loud
o You feel you don’t belong

The challenge revealed to me in this assessment was to overcome any fears of disapproval or not belonging and commit to bringing my original plan forward.

The Left Little Ring of my hand revealed that I was a Master of Insight and The Healer and had these attributes:

Fulfillment comes from seeing your insightful communication help others
o You are committed to your own growth and healing
o You are committed to telling the truth
o You help others become more self-aware

Your life purpose blossoms when:
o You communicate fully
o You honor your spiritual values
o You feel connected to inspiration and faith

You struggle when:
o You doubt your inner guidance
o You don’t attend to your own healing

As you can see from the results above, one of the attributes discovered in my left hand was that my fulfillment comes from seeing that my insightful communication helps others and that healing does not have to be physical—it means creating wholeness or helping others to integrate more parts of themselves. Wow. This totally confirmed the life purpose that had already been making its way through my mind.

This analysis also revealed that I had the combinations of public impact in the nontraditional healing arts, that I should inspire the masses, and that I should communicate the transformation potential of marketing for clients of clients and for clients themselves.

This was a huge confirmation to me that not only was I on the right track with my life and my business direction, but that it was time to turn up the volume on this a lot more.

I do realize that this kind of analysis is not your standard, run-of-the-mill diagnostic test, but the fact of the matter is that it was right on. The results not only revealed areas in my life that I needed to work on, but it also confirmed in me my life purpose. I already suspected much of this information from the wealth of personal development I had done over the years, but this analysis was pivotal in continuing to define my purpose of inspiring others to achieve their dreams.

This assessment from a practitioner of hand analysis (a complete stranger to me, by the way) was spot on. If you would like to have a similar hand analysis done, go to http://www.handanalysis.net to locate a practitioner near you. It just may change the course of your business—and your life.

Photo credit: kgr-handanalysis.com

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