You may know that I strongly believe that what’s going on in your mind has much more to do with your success than the amount of marketing that you do.

That’s because your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions (or lack thereof) dictate your results.

Shaky mindset = shaky results (or none at all).

I learned this from personal experience in my own business… when I was doing everything I thought I should be doing, and yet still feeling stagnant and stuck and not reaching my income goals.

Well, today I’m sharing exciting news: I’m doing two very affordable half-day events in two cities this month called “Success From the Inside Out” to cover this very topic.

The details are explained in the video above, and you can register your seat here.

In just a few weeks, I’m hitting the road to see you.


Well, first, I want to meet you in person! I’m grateful for your support as a member of my community.

Second, I want to share with you everything that’s made such a HUGE difference for me. Like:

* How to pinpoint the exact things that are keeping you from creating the income you desire (so we can eliminate it!!)

* How to how to re-program your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts

* How to uncover a clear path for moving out of your undesirable circumstances (and into a more fabulous life!)

This is a half-day intro session to teach you how to consistently choose courage over fear, how to to dramatically increase your willingness to be “visible” and step out of your comfort zone, and how to finally allow you to get out of your own way—so that you are empowered to reach many more of the people who need you.

You’ll definitely want to get the date of your choice on the calendar and register.

That’s because it’s insanely affordable—just $25!

You’ll spend a half a day with me learning how to re-program your limiting beliefs, and pinpoint what’s keeping you from making the money you want, so you can multiply your income.

The details are explained on this page.

In just a half day, I promise you will walk away with the tools to create unprecedented levels of success from the inside out.

(There will also be great networking, Q&A with me, and live makeovers!)

Trust me, it’s worth a road trip!

Click here to get dates and cities and register before we sell out.

Bring your friends and come prepared to take a lot of notes! I can’t wait to see you in person!

Oh! And we have limited space in each city, so be sure to jump on this NOW! I encourage you to grab your friends and colleagues and take a road trip or short flight to come to the half day—it will be SO worth it!

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