Business owners often have a hard time with raising their fees, for many reasons.

Sometimes it’s a deservability issue.

Sometimes they undervalue themselves because they don’t believe they are worth it.

Sometimes it’s stories they’ve carried with them from growing up, or “money noise” they have taken on from other people.

In the past, I’ve dealt with all of this too.

But, those days are long gone.

The truth is, lots of business owners are still raising their fees, charging what they deserve and receiving it – easily – no matter what the economy is doing.

What’s the difference?

They are doing things… and showing up… in a certain way.

Here’s what I mean and how you can do this too:

1) First, get super clear on the specific benefits and results you offer to your clients. This means the tangible stuff.

Yeah, yeah, I know – we hear this all the time, but there’s a very good reason for it.

Why do they need you and what is the ultimate transformation you are creating for them?

Shout this from the rooftops.

2) Make your marketing speak to solving the problem your clients are struggling with the most. (And speak to it EVERYWHERE.)

This is all about knowing what their issues are. What keeps them up at night and what’s your solution to that?

3) Collect that all-important social proof, a.k.a. TESTIMONIALS, every chance you get.

Even better, create systems around collecting it so it’s automatic – such as via an autoresponder, or by having an online form for people who have been through your programs to fill out afterward.

4) Make it a priority to be seen as an EXPERT.

As I like to put it, get OUT there.

Share your expertise, use social media, speak, joint venture with high-profile colleagues, pitch podcasts… and most importantly, BELIEVE you’re the expert.

(Pssst…you don’t need anyone else’s permission to dub yourself as one. YOU give yourself permission.)

5) Pay attention to your money. Get clear on what’s coming in and what’s going out and get things in order.

Remember: if you don’t respect what you already have, why should more come your way?

(This is more important than you may even realize.)

You can start with an exercise: write down all the results that your clients get from you.

Aim for a minimum of 20 and then keep going.

Then, take a good hard look at your money. What have you not been paying attention to?

Lastly, create a system around collecting social proof – this should be a top priority.

The point is, I want you to know that it is SAFE for you to make a lot of money.

You don’t need to apologize for making a boatload of money doing what you love.

You are worthy of making lots of money, and you never have to be ashamed about making more.

Oh, and some of you really need to hear this:

Spirituality and money can co-exist harmoniously.

End of story.

You deserve to be paid well for your knowledge and the value you bring, so take this all to heart, ok?

Continue flexing that muscle and keep raising your confidence about charging what you deserve.

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