I’d like you to think about something. How much is the most you’ve ever charged for your service?

Got that number in mind?

Great. Now, put a zero at the end of it.

How does that feel?

Scary? Exciting?

Do you doubt someone would pay “that much” for what you offer?

I happen to believe a certain subset of people WILL pay it.

Here’s why:

  1. You’ll be charging a significantly higher price point, and when clients are paying at that level, they are motivated to take themselves and their investment seriously.

That means they will be serious about doing the work necessary to receive the results that they want.

  1. There will be more accountability involved with a high-end type program, because that is a big part of the value you’ll be providing to clients who invest this way with you.

This means that they will be much more likely to honor their commitments, pushing through barriers that would have previously held them back, and therefore accomplishing much, much more.

  1. They will have a lot more access to you, enabling them to quickly remove stumbling blocks, get answers to their most pressing questions, and remain in consistent action.

They’ll feel an amazing level of support and guidance, which will give them the confidence to set and achieve their biggest goals.

And here’s something important to realize: high-level programs REPLACE your session-by-session or month-by-month programs.

Yep, replace.

When I first offered a program like this, was I nervous? Of course. I had the same fears and trepidations you might be feeling about creating something like this.

It required a shift in mindset.

The thing is, clients place a high value on personalized attention, and they don’t necessarily want a program that’s packed with “more stuff.”

They want incredible results, and when they invest at this level, the results they see are often worth so much more to them.

I’ll share something I heard years ago that helped me transform my thinking around this topic:

Clients don’t invest IN you, they invest in themselves THROUGH you.

Think about that.

If you’ve been finding yourself frustrated and under-earning, you must raise your fees.

When you don’t undercharge, people tend to respect you and take you more seriously. Not to mention, clients take themselves more seriously and get better results, which then gives you more credibility.

If you’re still not convinced, a surefire way to set an authentic example is for you to invest in a high-level program yourself, so you’ll be perfectly in tune with what it’s like for clients to make that commitment.

After all, how can you ask others to invest in you, when you haven’t invested in yourself?

Food for thought. 🙂

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