crush2016 Yep, it’s that time again and I’m truly super excited for it… I’ve been doing this since 2011 (see my words for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 here if you are curious), but I must say… I’ve never felt so amped up, laser-focused, and completely ON FIRE about my word like this one. Picking my word of the year has always been like setting an intention for what I want to come to fruition. It’s why it’s so powerful.

2016 has the honor of owning the word CRUSH.

Nope, not that thing I had for that Jewish boy all through junior high (who was my “boyfriend” for officially 3 days before dumping me by “note.” Yes, long before texting.) “CRUSH” as in: Take no prisoners, destroy the odds, blast out of comfort zones, defy expectations, and surpass any and all previous goals, accomplishments, results, and achievements. (“Crush It” being popularized by Gary Vee in his book of the same name years ago.) It seems highly appropriate given that I’ve quite literally gotten sick of inhabiting my own little box. On the outside, others may see that I’ve grown and accomplished a lot. And sure, I’ve come a long way. Done some cool stuff. Hit some big goals. Had the immense pleasure of helping lots of really great, inspiring entrepreneurs. But I don’t think anyone else but yourself can look at the state of things and declare:

I have so much more I am capable of, and I would be fooling myself to think I’ve even scratched the surface of fulfilling my potential.

I have way too many more people to help. Too many others need what I’ve got. There’s way too much song left inside me, to borrow from an oft-misattributed Thoreau quote. So, I therefore declare: I will crush it by mentoring a record number of students. I will crush it by putting myself out there more than I ever, EVER have before I will crush it by engaging with my peeps much, much more. I will crush it by being more present in my life. I will crush it by doubling my income (at the very least!) I will crush it by being more disciplined every day. I will crush it by upholding my standards and boundaries like never before. I will crush it by giving more philanthropically. I will crush it by destroying my stupid comfort zones. I will crush it by growing, nurturing, and SERVING my tribe, in greater numbers than any other time previously.

I’m going to crush any previous goals achieved, accomplishments made, and kudos received.

Yes I’m going to put it crudely by declaring that I am going to make 2016 my bitch. 😛 I’ve got a lot more wowing to do. I’ve come TOO far, to only come this far. Oh no. Watch me!! Now you: do you choose a word of the year? I’d love to hear what yours is in the comments! Photo by the lovely Katy Rose Photography

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