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Company: Becoming: The Movement


Jill Camper says that as she grows older, the more she realizes how much time she “wasted” in her youth. Trying to fix her weaknesses, playing small, letting others dim her light, getting put in a box. No more. Jill exists to help others realize this, too. She’s a counselor, actress, data management nerd, healer, mediator, and server. She has one daughter, a husband, and 17 nieces and nephews! She loves her hometown of Kansas City, but lives traveling the world. She’s into crazy into food, reality game shows, and reading murder mysteries. Jill says, “Never take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.” Jill speaks on the topics of finding your superpower, career opportunities, career advancement, values, strengths, identity, imposter syndrome, mindset, and emotional state. My Mission: I believe that no one should live a life of just existing. That everyone is unique. That no one, like me, should shrink themselves to meet a corporate mold. I allowed a low review once because I was “too loud and opinionated;” same once when I was told I was “too heavy” to present to clients. NO ONE should feel this way ever, especially at work.


My Soulmate Client: She’s been in corporate positions for more than 10 years, she’s seen some success, but now she’s feeling stuck. Under appreciated, and under paid. She’s tried lots of career books and seminars, but she’s still not getting what she wants. Worse, she sees others pigeon holing her, and she’s sick of it. She wants to use her strengths, have a voice, and get the position, career and life she deserves! I help ambitious women get the promotion or new job that gives them the financial and verbal appreciation they deserve, all without the struggle of having to beg, hustle or compromrise who they are and what they want. It’s time to take back your power!


Networking, Mediating, Making hard thing easy to understand. Empowerment. I activate others with tools that allow their strengths to help them get the jobs they deserve. Getting promoted 12 times and six times my salary. While changing careers TWICE.


Seeking opportunities to work with anyone who compliments my mission. I’d love to manifest someone to partner with on workshops, events, summits, and special masterclasses. Someone who wants to help me grow my brand, and I help them with their mission (a partnership where we use our strengths to uplift the other.) It would be an honor to meet new wonderful people here and support one another.

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