Harriet King

Company: The Mindful Gym


Harriet King helps anxious humans rewire their mindsets to feel calm, connected and in control without losing time in their day or spending hours at the gym. She currently resides in Qatar (by way of her home town, Leeds, UK) after spending 13 years traveling, learning and unlearning. She’s an international yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher sharing her passion for wellness in the modern world – a blend of western psychology mixed with eastern philosophy. My Mission: Our mission is to empower you to take control of your mindset and not let stress and anxiety rule your life; to support busy, stressed out, anxious humans to use meditation, mindfulness, yoga philosophy, movement and more to feel healthy, happy, calm and content so that they live with daily joy and freedom; to learn how to slow down when your world feels chaotic and to remember that you have the power within yourself to lead a life you love.


My Soulmate clients are busy professionals who want to take back control of their mindset. People who are ready to take a leap of faith, commit and take action. They have to have a willingness and openness to learn about western psychology and eastern philosophy to create real world results. They have dipped their toes in the wellness waters before, but not committed to a progressive journey and they’re ready to level up. I help them feel happy, calm and connected to their authentic self without losing time in their day or feeling overwhelmed. I support people who feel anxious and stressed with life to unplug from their business and soften into their truth, while learning how to build a mental health toolbox to arm themselves with the skills needed to navigate the ebbs and flows of life with grace and ease.


Meditation, mindfulness, yoga (yin, restorative, ashtanga, hatha, vinyasa), psychology (BScMSc), CBT, tapping, mindset, self healing.


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