Dr. Sonja Jahn

Company: Dr. Sonja Jahn Consulting


Dr. Sonja Jahn helps conscious entrepreneurs, executives and experts remove the subconscious root of their mental barriers, unwanted feelings and limiting behaviors, completely. (Without band-aids, years in therapy or re-emergence of issues.) Some of the topics Sonja speaks on include how to shift a negative mindset, how to remove past pain properly, how to deal with emotions effectively, how to improve your relationships and deal with emotional residue from past relationships, how to deal with personal issues successfully, how to make phenomenal spiritual progress in this life, how to become a better version of yourself and tap into more of your potential. My Mission: I love helping entrepreneurs remove their inner limitations so they can bring the vision they have for themselves and their business to life. When I see the transformation my clients experience, I feel immense joy. They look lighter, brighter, are happy, calm and comfortable with themselves, and ready and rearing to make the difference in the world they came here to make. What delights me even more is their transformation is tangible to them, visible to others and – it lasts.


My Soulmate clients are conscious entrepreneurs, executives, and experts. As a transpersonal counsellor, holistic life coach and highly successful transformation specialist I’m dedicated to helping clients from all over the world free themselves of mental barriers, unwanted emotions and limiting behaviors that hold them back and hinder them in their personal and professional life. With a holistic approach and my self-developed and proven Finally Free™ system, I help my clients completely remove the subconscious root of mental barriers and emotional blocks. As a result, my clients have happier, more harmonious and healthier relationships. They are joyful, calm, feel inspired and fulfilled, and attain higher levels of success and prosperity so they can make the difference in the world they seek to make.


I help clear away mental barriers (self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, self-criticism, imposter syndrome, self-doubt, fear of failure and success, limiting money mindset); remove unwanted feelings (fear, anxiety, sadness, hurt, grief, loss, trauma, anger, lack of meaning and purpose, low self-worth); and eliminate limiting behaviors (perfectionism, criticism, self-sabotage, ineffective communication skills.) 


Business coaches who help their clients close more sales. (Their clients have mental and emotional blocks about sales that they’d like to remove.) Business coaches, in general, who want to hire an expert to help their clients shift their mental and emotional blocks about money, properly. Relationship coaches who help their clients with their relationships but don’t have the expertise to help their clients deal with their personal issues or past trauma. Business coaches and high-performance coaches who are looking for an expert to help their clients move past their inner limitations, in a lasting way vs using quick fixes and surface level methods that bring temporary relief.

Free Gift: The Clarity Guide – The #1 Reason You Are Still Held Back by an Inner Block, Belief and Behavior – and How You Can Be Free of it – For Good.

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