Picture 1Names and faces blurred to protect the not-so-innocent. 🙂

These are direct messages I’ve received.  Now I know some folks are just a little misguided out there, but come on.

The first one is a very common message that’s been going around for months. You know, the “get 40,000 followers in 2 days without making a single meaningful connection!!” type.

The two middle tweets are just spamtastic.

The last one isn’t so much offensive as it is puzzling to me.  Nice of them to offer, but I don’t even know you yet!

By the way, you can use TweetLater to opt out of automated direct messages.  Saves me a lot of time wading through the junk ones.

What kind of direct messages or tweets have you received that would serve as an example of what NOT to do on Twitter?

bad tweet

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

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