As far as social media goes, the focus always seems to be on Facebook or Twitter or even video sites like YouTube.  However, lately I have been seeing a real need for LinkedIn information—and how to use it the RIGHT way.

So, I’m excited to announce that I am going to be presenting a one-time, interactive webinar that I’m calling “The LinkedIn Master Class.” The class is going to be held in webinar format, so you can follow along and really get to see everything right there on your screen.

This is a live interactive webinar with me being held Thursday, December 16 at 8pm Eastern.  The webinar is for those of you who are ready to learn the exact strategies that Linkedin power users are using to not only build their network, but to get REAL RESULTS with it—like new email subscribers, brand new clients, lucrative joint venture partners, product sales, speaking gigs and more.

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover in the webinar:

1. How to figure out your goals and “big why” for using LinkedIn—it sounds basic but it’s a crucial starting point for getting the most out of LinkedIn

2. How to create a clear and compelling profile—there are some easily-avoidable mistakes that a lot of people make that we’ll be covering so that you don’t make them yourself

3. How to use specific, focused strategies to become highly visible

4. How to manage your time and avoid common time wasters—always an important topic for business owners when it comes to social media

5. How to find and connect with ideal prospects and centers of influence

6. How to optimize your profile to rank higher in the search engines—I’ll be teaching you little tips and tweaks that can make a BIG difference

7. How to integrate LinkedIn with other social networks, add video and import your blog

8. How to promote your business effectively without feeling like a salesperson (something most of us want to avoid, right?)

9. How to find and effectively use LinkedIn Groups

10. How to best use LinkedIn to drive traffic to your website…AND much more

If you know you are ready to finally master LinkedIn and use it strategically to get more visibility, traffic, clients and customers—then you’ll want to head over to this page for all of the details as soon as you can: LinkedIn Webinar

Hope to have you in class with me! 🙂

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