social media lose friendsAh, social media etiquette.  Here are some examples of faux pas that may forfeit you friends, freak out your followers and cause your contacts to cringe:

Auto-post the same quotes, links or messages on Twitter at intervals throughout the day–every day.

Make a Friend request on Facebook where you are trying to sell the person in the friend request.  *Cringe.*

Send automated Direct Messages to all your new Twitter followers already trying to get them to your blog or sell them something.  Fail.

Place a long signature line with multiple links at the end of every message you leave on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Follow people without having a Twitter bio, updates or pic.

Use the name of your business instead of your real name for your personal Facebook profile (quick way to get banned–try Facebook Pages instead).

Follow people on Twitter and if they haven’t followed you back within 30 minutes, unfollow them.

Mass follow people and then unfollow them once they’ve followed back (some sort of sick Twitter numbers-boosting game).

Curse up a storm on people’s Facebook walls.

Social bookmark your own posts and content repeatedly.

Choose a profile picture showing you doing a keg stand.

Decide you’re too busy to interact on social sites but still want to claim you’re “on” them.  Hence, you drop in every other week to plug your new product or service but do little to provide any real value.

Decide you too busy or too “rock star” to respond to any Twitter @ replies and DMs directed to you.

Ask for recommendations on LinkedIn from anyone and everyone who you have ever worked in the same building with.

Constantly re-tweet complimentary @ replies you’ve received without at least adding a “thanks.”

So, am I perfect?  Of course not.  But this post was fun to compile. 🙂  How are your social graces?  Anything else you’d like to add to this list?

Photo Credit: cyn_

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