You know those people you see online who just seem to lead the way?

They’re respected, heard and admired.

They might even be seen as controversial at times for taking a stand.

With the online space noisier than ever, it’s even more important for us as business owners to break away from the pack. Having a “USP” (Unique Selling Proposition) is one thing – but that by itself is old school. People are MUCH MORE drawn to those who are willing to take a stand.

People are MUCH MORE drawn to those who are willing to take a stand. Click To Tweet


For example, here’s me:


–> I am leading a movement for: ALLOWING OURSELVES MORE MEANING AND FULFILLMENT IN LIFE AND BUSINESS (aka, there’s more to life than this!)

–> I declare war on: GOING AROUND TALKING ABOUT โ€œTHIS IS HOW BIG MY BUSINESS IS…โ€ – NO, IT’S HOW **HEALTHY** IT IS!! (i.e,, ARE YOU PROFITABLE? A million dollar biz with $999,999 in expenses does not a healthy business make!)

–> I am redefining: THE WORD “TECHIE” (From geek to chic! The truth is, in a connected world if we are running ANY part of our business online, we all need to be TECHIE in some sense! “I’m just not good with technology” doesn’t fly anymore folks!)

(Hat tip to Amanda Goldman-Petri for the structure.)

For more specifics on how to be seen as a leader in social media and elsewhere, watch this week’s video above.

Not only will what I’m sharing help shift others’ perception of you into that of a leader, it will start to create magic in both your business and your life.

Once you’ve checked it out, leave me a comment on the blog. How will you take a stand or exit your comfort zone the next time you have a chance?

I have an additional resource that will help you here. It’s my free audio mp3 called the Top Ten Secrets to More Clients, Credibility, and Cash Flow Online and it is packed with valuable strategies to stand out on the web. Click on the button below to request it.

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