cupping earI’ve been busy writing the content for the course I am putting out in a few weeks which will give coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, and other solopreneurs the exact steps to conquer the overwhelming aspects of online and social media marketing.

I am really excited to share this system with you—mostly because I’ve been listening very carefully over the past year….

A great majority of you have expressed your frustration at understanding how to market yourself and your business online.  Many of you have been saying things like…

“I know I need to figure out all of this social media stuff, but I just don’t know where to start!”

“I just wish there was a SYSTEM I could follow that I know will produce the results I need!”

“I am tired of leaving money on the table because I don’t have a real, cohesive online presence!”

“I am so overwhelmed because I don’t know how to use these tools—I just need somebody to walk me through step by step…”

Sound familiar?

I totally get it because when I need to learn something in my own business I feel the exact same way—it’s the whole “if someone would just hold my hand and tell me what I need to do (a, b, c, d…) I wouldn’t feel so lost and stuck…”

My best mentors and coaches have provided me with those steps and that support and it’s truly been priceless in my own journey.  As some of you know,  I’ve built my business from scratch over the past year and a half using only social media and online marketing tools.  I’ve also been learning from one of the best—the fabulous Alicia Forest—as one of her only two private coaching clients this year.

(I call her “wonder woman” because this gal has managed to build her own 6 figure-plus, thriving business while raising two small children, taking every summer off and a 4 month maternity leave, and working an average of 15 hours a week!  No joke.  As my husband and I look toward starting our own family, I told myself I wanted to learn from someone who has really done what I want to do—why reinvent the wheel?)

But I digress. 😉

So, why am I devoting a whole blog post to this?

Because as I am diligently working on finishing up writing my own step-by-step online marketing and social media system, I need your help. I want to make sure I’m covering exactly what you need around this topic…and I want your input.  Some of you have already shared with me what your biggest challenges are—thanks!  But I’d love to hear from more of you.

Here’s my question: What TWO things must I cover in this course for it to be of value to you?

Please do let me know in the comments, your opinions and thoughts are very important to me!

Oh, and if you are interested in being put on the priority list to be the first to find out all about the upcoming release of my course, be sure to go here.  I’m offering a special bonus for those who sign up.

Merci! 🙂

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