I’m excited to be hosting an info-rich, free social media preview call with my good friend Amy Miyamoto on Wednesday, November 18th at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern.

Amy and I actually “met” through Twitter and have both had amazing success growing our businesses in the last year with social media.

We decided to join forces to lead a 4-part teleseries being held on November 30th, December 2nd, December 7th and December 9th. We’re calling it Social Media Made Simple: How to Explode Your Business Using Facebook and Twitter. In the free preview call for the teleseries, we’ll share how to create a dynamic and influential network of raving fans online who are excited to promote your business without being pushy or sales-y—plus a whole lot more.

You’ve got nothing to lose to join us on this free, one-time call. 🙂  Be sure to sign up here.

Hope to hear you on the line!

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for my free 5-part e-course on social media as well.

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