Facebook free callIf you’re overwhelmed and confused about how to use Facebook to market your business then be sure to sign up for the free call I am doing this Tuesday night.

In the past year I’ve built a business I love, made valuable contacts, grew my subscriber list, boosted my website traffic, secured speaking engagements and created much more visibility for myself with the help of social media—largely with Facebook.

While this experience has been great, I still see a lot of misconceptions and frustrations floating around among small biz owners. There are a few myths in particular I decided I wanted to address—so that others can start seeing real results and opportunities.

It’s time to clear up the myths!

This FREE 60 min. call will be held on June 16th at 8pm EST

If you can’t make the live call you will be sent the recording–however, only those on with me LIVE will benefit from the Q & A at the end of the call—as well as be eligible for the special offer I will be introducing!

REGISTER HERE: Facebook Marketing Myths

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