In this week’s video tip I’m sharing 5 questions to ask to formulate a rockin’ social media strategy.

Social media is still hot, but one of the biggest mistakes I see over and over with entrepreneurs is that they have NO strategy.

And no strategy means wasted time, wasted effort, and worst of all–lots of missed opportunities.

To avoid that, start smart: here are 5 questions you can ask yourself to begin with:

1) What would you like to accomplish? Build your reputation, get more speaking gigs, connect with more JV partners, some combination of all of the above?

2) What actions should people take? Sign up for your list, subscribe to your blog, inquire about scheduling a discovery session?

3) What topics will you discuss? Just business, a mix of business and personal, topics based on your expertise, current events, something else?

4) What content will you add? Your articles and blog posts, content from others’ written about your area of expertise, your own promotional content, photos and videos?

5) How much time will you spend? Create parameters: once in the morning, check it twice a day, automate or delegate some of it?

Your to-do? Take some time to answer these questions yourself and wave goodbye to the willy nilly social media strategy. 🙂

What’s your strategy? Let me know in the comments!

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