I’m excited to be presenting an interactive webinar that I am calling The Facebook Fan Page Intensive: Learn How to Create and Master Facebook Pages—Even if You Have No Clue Where to Start.”

Webinars are great, especially if you are a more visual person and are looking for more detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to get the most out of Facebook Fan Pages.  It is being held on Wednesday, March 31st from 8pm to 9:30pm Eastern.  I held a similar webinar back in the fall and it was a huge hit.  Facebook is always changing and they’ve made a few changes since I last held it so I wanted to hold it again.

The webinar will be interactive so you will be able to see my screen in real-time and follow along with everything I do which is always nice—because you can only get so descriptive on a teleseminar without that visual piece.  Some of the specific things you’ll learn include:

  • Exactly how to setup a new Facebook Fan Page
  • How to message all of your Fans at once
  • How to give access to more than one administrator to your Page
  • How to add applications to your Page and how to manage them after they’ve been added, including how to use the Static FBML application to create totally custom tabs
  • Step by step of how to link Facebook to your blog or website
  • How to automatically send your Page updates to Twitter
  • How to easily add video, links, photos and other content to your Page
  • And…all of the exact strategies that I used to easily and rapidly grow my own Fan Page to over 1000 Fans in a short amount of time.

I wanted to do this webinar solely devoted to Fan Pages again because there really is a lot to be covered regarding them and one of the biggest things people need help with is the step-by-step tutorial-type instruction.

The hour and a half session will include Q and A—you’ll actually be able to ask questions throughout the webinar and I’ll be devoting a chunk of time at the end to answer them.  So this will be a really great opportunity for you to get YOUR specific questions and concerns addressed.

The URL to register is http://facebookwebinar.com

The great thing is that the webinar will be recorded, so you will have that to go back to anytime if you want to see how to do something that was taught in the webinar.  The other reason we are recording it is in case anyone cannot make it live—I know there are some people in my community that are international and 8pm Eastern time in the US is overnight or early in the morning for them.  So everyone who signs up will get the recording and any handouts or slides that are used afterward.

So if you are looking for more help in setting up your Fan Page correctly, implementing a lot of the strategies I’ve used successfully myself and a lot more, you’ll want to register.  Hope you can join us!

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