I’ve been training, coaching and consulting on social media for over two years now, and it seems the desire to learn more about how to use Facebook to grow a business has not waned!

It’s not too surprising, however—seeing as Facebook itself is only getting MORE popular as time goes on. (Even the movie about it, The Social Network, is up for Best Picture this year at the Oscars—wow!)  With over 500 million active users and counting, it is still something you NEED to be leveraging in order to get your business out there in a BIG way.

That’s why it’s time for another encore of my always popular Facebook Pages webinara 90 minute, interactive training session with Q&A that will give you everything you need to rock your Facebook Page—right away.

Just some of what you will learn if you join us:

redarrow Exactly how to setup a Facebook Page that stands out from the rest
redarrow How to easily set up a content strategy that builds lots of buzz
redarrow How to get many
more people to support your Page
redarrow How to encourage lots more interaction and response
redarrow How to
integrate your Facebook Page with all your other social media
redarrow How to capture your Page’s visitors and
convert them to subscribers

Lots of great stuff, right?

Oh, and if you’ve taken Facebook trainings with me in the past, this is the PERFECT opportunity to get a refresh on all the LATEST strategies that are working NOW!

To get all the details and to register, just go here.  We’ve got a limited amount of space, so be sure to sign up now!

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