A recent post of mine lamented the fact that Facebook didn’t seem to make it easy for people to find your Fan Page. Today they finally introduced “Fan Boxes” which allow Page admins to embed the most recent activity from their Page right in their blog or website:

Facebook Fan Box

I was happy to see this as it allows my blog readers to not only see I have a Fan Page of my own, but become a Fan right from the box without even having to visit Facebook itself.

You can also choose whether include the up-to-date stream (what you’ve posted on your Page) and/or your fans (displays the number of fans you have as well as their profile pictures).

There are two ways to add the box from under the profile picture on your Page: click “Add Fan Box to your site” or “Edit Page” then “Add Fan Box to your site” under “Promote your Page.”

The wizard will generate the code which you can then copy and paste where you want the box to display on your site.  I placed mine on the right under by “socialize” buttons and I chose to just show the fans and not the stream.  I also tweaked the code a bit to decrease the width to fit my sidebar.

Hooray for Facebook for making it easier than ever to encourage others to become fans of your Page!  And if you need a refresher on why you should care about Fan Pages, that would be here. 🙂

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