A few weeks back Facebook started allowing users to claim a unique username for their profiles.  For example, I grabbed http://facebook.com/christinegallagher for my personal profile.

At the time they were letting those with 1,000 fans or more as of May 31st get one for their own Fan Pages, and many people who didn’t qualify were a bit annoyed at this limit.  A few days later, Facebook announced that at the end of the month they would be lifting the limit to allow anyone with less than 1000 fno1fanans to claim their Fan Page username.

It was then explained that those users with 25 or more Fans would be eligible.  But suddenly today it was announced that you would need 100 Fans, not 25.  The announcement came out of nowhere, with no explanation.

Hmmmm.  More annoyed people.  I myself only started my Fan Page about a month ago so I only have about half that amount.  I think the worst part about it is the way Facebook seems to change their eligibility guidelines willy nilly.

I noticed today that I was getting a lot more people requesting me to fan their page–must be that race-to-100-fans panic. 🙂

While I am not exactly panicking, I did expect that I would be able to get my URL up until today, and that kind of stinks.

Do you have any thoughts on this?  Will you have enough fans to grab your URL?  Let me know in the comments.

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