With so many new, cool platforms emerging over the past year, social media feels new and exciting again. đŸ™‚ One of these tools I’m diving into recently is Blab. It’s a place to watch live conversations, and the website itself describes it this way:

“The internet’s most interesting interviews, talk shows, casual hangouts, debates, discussions, and live workshops in one place.”

Impact Academy Associate Coach Dawn Shuler and I had a casual and off-the-cuff discussion the other day called “Girlpreneur Chatter,” for example. Viewers chatted us questions live and we promoted it beforehand on Twitter and other social media sites. Before you say “Oh no, another tool to worry about?!” I invite you to check it out and think about how you can use it for your own business. (By the way, unlike Periscope, it’s not just mobile-only, you can use it on your desktop or laptop.) To get you started, check out my video above for some ideas on how to make it work for you. Let me know in the comments how you’ll use it, and whether you’ve given it a spin yet!

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