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Social media may be the buzz term right now—it will be something else next year. It’s all just a synonym for connections and relationships.

I hear from a lot of people that they are on social media sites, but are not sure what to do beyond signing up. Or, they are on them, and say they feel they are connecting, but upon further discussion it’s revealed that they really aren’t.

It’s more than just collecting friends and followers.

People say they have thousands of contacts, friends or followers as if it’s a marketing strategy! It’s a start—but it’s conversations with those connections that lead to results.

For example, I have gotten almost all of my clients through social media in the past 6 months, had over 375 people register for my last teleseminar, grew the number of people who Like my Facebook Page by 350 people in less than a week and just recently increased my blog subscribers to nearly 1400 people.

I tell you this not to toot my own horn, but to impress upon you that these results are because of the fact that I actively participate in social media. Just as you can’t expect to throw up a website and see sales just come rolling in, you can’t just collect friends and expect miracles. You need to engage people in conversation.

The key is not to expect immediate results nor feel you need to spend a ton of time on social media in order to make any progress. Choosing a handful of strategies where you are actually connecting with people and implementing them on a regular basis won’t take a ton of time or energy.

What it will do is build momentum gradually but steadily. This is what leads to relationships, word of mouth, traffic, subscribers and ultimately, more sales.

So next time you participate in social media, ask yourself: Am I really connecting?  Or just broadcasting?  The difference can be HUGE.

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