futileboyBy now there’s been a ton of applications created for Twitter: desktop, web, mobile…

I decided to create my own small dent in the app universe by listing those that I either use currently or have used in the past and find especially useful.  I limited it to web applications and broke them down by type.

Search Engines

Twellow: This tool analyzes and categorizes users by fields of interest.  This is great for finding others in your target market to start following.  Also lists users by geographic area or “TwellowHood” so you can find local Tweeters.

Monitter: Searches Twitter in real time for a set of up to three keywords.  Watch what people are saying by location or monitor keywords via RSS feed.

Follow Management

Friend or Follow: Offers a quick way to search by your user name to see who you are following but is not following you back and who is following you that you are not following back.

Qwitter: E-mails you when someone stops following you.  Not recommended for the overly sensitive. 🙂  I never got into this one very much—would rather not worry about statistics and just concentrate on the conversation. 😉  However, some people seem to really like keeping up on those who un-follow them.

Posting and Alerts

TweetScan: Emails Tweets to you on a daily or weekly basis that match your particular chosen keywords and phrases

TwitPic: Allows you to share pictures easily on Twitter through the web or your phone

Widgets and Badges

TwitStamp: Widget that displays your latest tweets as an image and comes in several different sizes and designs.

Follow Me on Twitter Badges: 36 badges of various colors and designs reading “Follow Me” below the Twitter bird.  Site also offers backgrounds to match.

For more application lists you can also take a look at these sites:

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i-Stuff Twitter Apps

By all means, please share any apps you like to use and find helpful.  This is just a small fraction of what’s out there–with the list growing every day.

Photo credit: Futileboy

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