I’m excited that my 50% off Holiday Sale is in full swing!

I’ve never offered this big of a discount on my products before, but with Thanksgiving reminding me yet again how grateful I am for my clients, customers, subscribers and readers, I wanted to do something BIG! Plus, I’m just in the holiday spirit. 🙂

I thought I’d do a few blog posts this week highlighting each of the six products that I have for sale.  Today is all about my WordPress course and Twitter class.

Website Without Worry

I created this product for several reasons, and here are a few of them: 1) I use and love WordPress myself; 2) I knew there were a lot of people who were aware of WordPress’ great benefits and just needed to know how to get started with it; and 3) Many people are using social media and making great contacts, but have nowhere to send their peeps! (Or, they’re embarrassed of their current site or blog and don’t WANT to send them there!)

What are some other reasons why this step-by-step course might be perfect for you?

  • You’re excited about the product or service you have to offer to the world, but have been holding back from marketing it because you just don’t have a great-looking site to refer people to
  • You’re tired of feeling like you are being held hostage by your webmaster, waiting for them to make simple changes and updates as the clock ticks away
  • You’re intrigued by others who seem to have websites they are able to update and tweak in a snap, but aren’t sure where to begin to look to find something like this for yourself
  • You’re ready to learn exactly how to use WordPress to create your very own worry-free website or blog—quickly and without hassles

Sound like you?  Perfect!  The Website Without Worry 4-part webinar series will teach you how to:

  • Create your very own WordPress website or blog from scratch
  • Customize that site with themes, widgets and plugins
  • Integrate your site with the top social networking sites to increase traffic and boost your visibility
  • Tweak your site for maximum search engine optimization in a matter of minutes
  • Use your site to build an email list of prospects who are hungry for what it is you offer
  • Come up with consistent, fresh content for your site so that your visitors will keep coming back…and lots more!

Grab it for 50% off here by entering the code Holiday50 at checkout: Step-by-Step WordPress Course

Twitter Power Strategies

My Twitter class is 90 minutes of pure content that will not only demystify tweeting, but teach you the tools and strategies you need to be a true power user.  My friend, colleague and social media maven Lara Galloway is my co-star in this course, and we both laid absolutely everything out when it comes to sharing the secrets of what has made us so successful on Twitter.

Wondering if this product is right for you?  See if any of the following describe you:

  • You’ve been on Twitter for a while but feel like you still don’t “get it”
  • You’re wondering why so many others talk about how quick and easy it is to grow their businesses and find new clients using Twitter
  • You find yourself getting lost and spending hours a day trying to build your list of followers and respond to their conversations
  • You’re unsure what to tweet about, and worried you’ll offend your followers if you promote yourself and your business
  • You’d like to learn a bunch of cool tricks and strategies that let you spend less time on Twitter, but accomplish more

By the end of this info-packed class, you’ll know how to:

  • Build your list of followers, as well as your visibility and credibility
  • Generate valuable tweets that bring you more followers and more warm leads
  • Include content from relevant sources to provide great information without you having to always create it yourself
  • Create automated Twitter campaigns to promote your business, events, special offers, etc., and to cross-market them on other social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and more
  • Use fun platforms that allow you to offer multimedia tweets to help you stand out and create a stronger relationship with your followers…and a lot more

Grab it for 50% off here by entering the code Holiday50 at checkout: Master Twitter for Business Class

This sale only lasts until Friday, December 3, so check it out now.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow where I’ll be highlighting my List-building and 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success products!

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