My 50% off Holiday Sale is rockin’!

It’s my biggest sale ever, and yesterday’s post covered my Twitter and WordPress products.  Today the spotlight is on my newest product on list-building and my 6 Simple Steps signature system.

Grow Your List—Grow Your Income

Much of my success I can directly attribute to the fact that I’ve built and nurtured a targeted list of email subscribers…a list that has most importantly—grown to know, like and trust me.  And the most exciting thing is, you can do this too! It doesn’t have to be hard, you just need to be shown the most effective and leveraged ways to do it. Once you have that down, there is no limit to the success AND the income that you can achieve.

Are you a small business owner or solopreneur who:

  • Is excited about what you have to offer the world, but unsure how to get the word out to larger groups of people?
  • Is tired of seeing visitors to your website leave and never come back?
  • Is building your list but have hit a plateau that you can’t seem to move past?
  • Is confused about where to find targeted prospects to add to your list—and how to engage them?
  • Is ready to learn exactly how to build your list with integrity and without struggle—so you can finally enjoy the kind of business and income you desire and deserve?

In this 4-part webinar series you’ll learn how to:

  • Put essential building blocks in place before you land your first subscriber
  • Replace your hit or miss efforts with simple and effective strategies that leverage your time and continuously boost your results
  • Strategically use social media sites to significantly increase your visibility and your list numbers
  • Get a lot more targeted traffic to visit your website or blog
  • Make it irresistible for loads of new prospects to become your subscribers
  • Start building your own list from scratch and guarantee it continues to grow at an accelerated pace—easily and automatically…and a lot more!

Grab it for 50% off here by entering the code Holiday50 at checkout: List-Building Webinar Course

The 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success System™

The 6 Simple Steps is my signature system where share exactly how I created a business that attracts more of my ideal clients and customers, and brings me more time, money and freedom.  The 6 Steps System teaches you online marketing strategies and processes combined with social media to create a real-world, proven system for consistently bringing in new clients and customers using the Internet.  I lay it all out there! 🙂

Who is this product for?  Coaches, consultants, and other solo professionals who:

  • Feel like they are in information overwhelm
  • Have no idea what to do next
  • Want the ability to only work with their most favorite, ideal clients
  • Are tired and burnt out from only working one-on-one with clients
  • Want to understand how to implement multiple streams of income
  • Want to make more money without working harder
  • Are ready for someone to personally guide and help you along your path

Does this describe you?  You’re in luck!  This system will teach you:

  • The right way to market using social media in order to avoid mistakes and missed opportunities
  • Setting up your first blogsite with WordPress and using it as your social “home base” for pulling in an abundance of new leads
  • Building profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to build relationships and convert friends and followers to clients and customers
  • Learning lots of really effective methods for driving traffic to your site and building a list of prospects to consistently market to
  • Implementing powerful marketing techniques to bring in more sales and more cash flow…and much, much more

Grab it for 50% off here by entering the code Holiday50 at checkout: 6 Steps to Social Media Success

This sale only lasts until Friday, December 3, so check it out now.

I’ll talk to you Friday where I’ll be highlighting my Facebook Business Page and Social Media Made Simple products!

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