biggest fanA common complaint I hear from those using Facebook Fan Pages is how little Facebook does to allow you to connect your personal profile to your Fan Page.

You want your Facebook friends to know that you also have a Page, so how can you encourage them to go there and hopefully become a fan?

Here are a few simple ways:

1) Use “Suggest to Friends” underneath the photo on your Page.

2) Use the “Share” button on the bottom left under where it says “Create a Page for My Business” to either post your Page info to your personal profile or send a message about your Page to others.

3) Add a new page to your website or blog and re-direct it to your Fan Page.  You can then list the URL under “websites” in the information section of your personal profile.  For example, I did this with http://christinesgallagher.com/fanpage.  I re-directed it by using the Page Links To plugin for WordPress.

4) Use the Custom Profile Box application (or others similar to it) to add a section to your personal profile that directs others to your Page.  I used this application to link an image (a Facebook icon) to my Page.  Above the image I added the message “Visit my fan page!”

5) Use the text box provided under your profile picture to add a blurb letting others know that you also have a Fan Page and include a link.

If you have used other methods for driving people to your Fan Page please share in the comments.  These are just a few that I have personally used.

Oh, and if you wanted to show me some love and become a fan of mine, that would be great too. 🙂

Update:  In July, Facebook introduced “Fan Boxes” which allow Page admins to embed the most recent activity from their Page right in their blog or website.  This is another great way to draw attention to your Fan Page.  You can see a post I wrote about it here.

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